Protection against power vampires

Protection against power vampires

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Power vampires live among us - it is already for anybody is not opening. Moreover, they eat our energy, and we often do not even guess it! We will not tell in detail you as the dangerous psychological vampire acts. Here we will try to tell what is protection against power vampires and also how and when it needs to be applied.

Esoterics considers that types of vampires a little. In your forces – to distinguish such personality. Prick up the ears if impose you communication, try to touch you, follow you on heels. So insinuating vampires act. They can complain of life, ache and be cried, literally demand from you a consolation and sympathy. If you notice that after close interaction with such person you have no forces, you as if squeezed orange, is a strong indication of vampirism!

How to be protected?

(Houses, at work, on vacation) of this kind the termination of communication or if it is impossible, deduction of the vampire at distance from itself will be protection against power vampires. Minimize communication, do not react emotionally to complaints and groans, do not start consoling and sympathizing.

There are vampires manipulators. They, on the contrary, will provoke you to complaints and a talk about your problems. Manipulators are, seemingly, glad to be sympathized and advised, however from their sympathy you lose energy, sink even more. Ways of protection against power vampires of this type are as follows – do not give in, do not complain of problems.

The most dangerous type of devourers of energy - provokers. They have many tools – a mockery, caustic remarks, open offensive statements and even pronounced aggression. Of provokers it is full also in network, and there their way of communication is called trolling. Incredibly, but in an age of high information technologies it is possible to suck energy from the neighbors even online! Once you answer with aggression, to fly into a rage, and the villain will receive a portion of your precious energy. Here an exit only one – not to give in, remaining quiet and weakened.

Not to fall a victim of fans of others energy, it is necessary to cease to justify and to try to please all and everyone, and still it is worth strengthening the power cover, for example, by means of the simplest meditations.

Different protection against power vampires – amulets can approach, plots work too if you trust in their force. Any thing with which you feel special communication will work as an amulet. It can be a subject which you found or bought in the happiest days of the life – a stone, ornament, a shell, a tree piece. The gift will protect from dear person you too. Plots of protection against power vampires help too, here one of them: the barrier, again my victory erected, I use a syllable from god, everything will leave that is transferred by a conversation, protection is, there is a lock.

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