Psychology of personal efficiency - Neill Fyore

Psychology of personal efficiency - Neill Fyore

At first, having read the preface of this book an impression can be made that it is one more of one thousand books about time-management where once again will tell that time needs to be planned, otherwise it will escape through fingers. However, already from chapter 1 the author pleasantly surprised. In the book just it is also written why the majority of methods of time-management does not work. Scheduling, and following to it are a huge difference. Neill Fyore glanced in depths of psychological problems which do not allow to follow according to, apparently, ideal plan of life.

Procrastination - the modern word and the main problem of 21 centuries. Postponement put for later, postponement of points in the plan which have to be just about executed, not an opportunity cope with problems, putting their decision away for later - all this does not allow the person to develop and achieve those objectives which he wishes.
Why it happens and how to cope with it? Actually, often it not lack of will power, but consequence of the wrong thinking, fears and alarms. Surprisingly, the author gives practical methods of fight with ""postponement for later"", and not in the form of ""water"", and in the form of quite specific and simple actions.

Besides fight against procrastination, the author mentions a set of aspects of psychological problems which do not allow the person to achieve the objectives, to go on the drawn-up plan and to tighten terms of implementation of projects. All of them are considered deeply in a psychological context and on each of them the easy way a solution is given.

Key moments of the book:

  • Be able to plan time for entertainments without sense of guilt. Without good and regular rest your efficiency will decrease to minimum. At the same time, having a rest, it is impossible to think at all that at this moment you could work. Could not - the person not the robot. You would not work, and were engaged in procrastination.
  • Besides the planned rest it is impossible to forget about life in all its variety. It is necessary to live here and now, otherwise at you the motivation will die away, work will cease to bring pleasure, and in a skor you receive huge decrease in efficiency.
  • It is necessary to be able to concentrate on the solution of problems, but not on their reasons. Instead of a question ""why you poured milk?"" it is necessary to be able to ask a question ""as to remove everything quicker"". You do not reproach yourself and others with the arisen problem, and try to solve it as fast as possible.
  • If you work and long time feel tension - something means goes not so. During the work the feeling of ease has to fill you. Tension is a sign of the movement in the incorrect direction. Often instead of stronger pushing a door, it is necessary just to pull it on itself.
  • Be able to relax at the solution of problems. Have a rest, make several deep breaths, do not think of anything. Before going to bed present that you in subconsciousness have great people who can give to you advice during sleep. It is not esoterics, this investment of your subconsciousness with confidence.
  • In intervals between affairs make 6-12 deep breaths to switch from one business to another.
  • Be able to concentrate on one business and not to be distracted by the others. Usually there are enough 15 minutes completely to penetrate into work process
  • Organism not the robot, it needs time for a swing to get into gear. For example, charging since morning seldom brings pleasure at the beginning, but in some 6 minutes you derive pleasure from muscle work of a body.
  • Think not of the end of work, and of its beginning. Allocate in the daily log time to start work despite of everything.
  • In the evening, before going to bed, allocate small time to reflect on a task which you start in the morning. You will see on how many this reception when since morning you already are with the built work ""puzzle"" today is effective

In modern information space it is very heavy to concentrate on performance of any task. There were too many distracting factors - social networks, cell phones, e-mail, television, a variety of music and many other things. And the one who will manage to organize himself for performance of goals without being distracted by external factors preeuspet in the modern world. And this book, undoubtedly, will help with it.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team