Rating of amino acids

Rating of amino acids

To gain muscle bulk many athletes in addition accept nutritional supplements including amino acids. There are many options from different producers which promise great results. The rating of amino acids, is necessary in order that you could choose the best option. It was formed proceeding from results of athletes who used them. The rating of the best amino acids was taking into account: qualities, efficiency, popularity and price.

Rating of BCAA amino acids

  1. RPG IBCAA from Millennium Sport. 425 g of pure protein are a part. All components natural and they help to recover quickly muscles after the training and completely prevent their destruction.
  2. Aminocore AllMax 400g. Soy, amount of pure protein – 356 g is not a part of this medicine. There are components which accelerate synthesis of protein and anabolic processes.
  3. USPLabs Modern BCAA 428g. This medicine has taste of blackberry. Amount of pure protein – 350 g. There are no dyes and soy in medicine.

Rating of liquid amino acids

  1. Super Amino Liquid from Dymatize Nutrition. The protein of the superior quality is a part. In one portion of medicine there are 23 thousand mg of amino acids which help to be restored quickly after the training. Sugar and carbohydrates is not a part.
  2. AAKG Shock Extreme BioTech. Medicine promotes increase in number of muscle fibers. Besides it helps to split and bring fats out of an organism. Necessary components which are very quickly acquired and also magnesium which is necessary for normal work of heart are a part.
  3. Power System Ultra Amino Liquid. This complex gives to an organism necessary for energy for trainings, increases endurance of muscles and helps to be restored quickly after the training. In addition strengthens immunity and slows down aging of an organism.

The presented rating of the best amino acids, will help you to decide as soon as possible on a qualitative complex and to begin to gain muscle bulk.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team