Resettlement of souls

Resettlement of souls

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The mystery of resettlement of soul already concerns mankind not one generation. Studying reincarnation began in 1960 (reincarnation is a same resettlement of souls). The ksenoglossiya phenomenon, that is sudden ability to talk in unfamiliar language became a push to researches. Many people, having endured any tragic events, suddenly began to think and pronounce unclear words. And at inspection at psychiatrists, it became clear that these words – it is valid language, but not just a set of sounds.

Resettlement of souls and reliya

The idea of resettlement of souls was put forward also in different religions, such as, for example, Buddhism. Buddhists trusted that resettlement of soul after death is a natural process that soul has to pass several steps of clarification, pass the way from a blade to the highest being. For any offenses made during life, soul was punished by the fact that it appeared again, for example, in a body of an animal.

On the one hand, resettlement of souls is a peculiar limiter for people as they believed that for the fact that they arrive incorrectly, there will be an obligatory punishment. On the other hand, in Christianity the resettlement of souls should is displayed in any way, moreover, such belief was considered also as paganism.

But in the Buddhism the resettlement of souls became widespread and for this reason any Buddhist will give way to a small ant which drags a leaf to the house. For them, resettlement of souls – it is real, and, therefore, future person works.

Three types of memory

Scientists, studying a phenomenon of resettlement of souls, allocated three main types of memory:

Let's dwell upon each of them.

Déjà vu

Déjà vu, probably, everyone faced a phenomenon. At some point you suddenly understand that around the events you already somewhere saw everything, but here where – you cannot remember. Unfortunately, déjà vu can bring nothing good – according to the same scientists, this distortion of memory and if it often repeats, then it is necessary to address experts as this effect can become the reason of loss of memory or hallucinations.

Genetic memory

The genetic type of memory is a deepest layer of memoirs when suddenly your subconsciousness issues you information such which was connected with your ancestors. One of ardent followers of memory of a such type is considered the psychologist Jung who considered that memory passes from father to son.

The fact that resettlement of souls – is real will confirm the following story from life of this famous psychologist. He, Karl Jung, saw a picture of a brush of the unknown artist once. Shoes on the doctor struck it – he was sure that it is his footwear, moreover, he "remembered" how he carried just the same when was a doctor. At once figure 18 recured to the memory (though he lived in 1875). Having inquired about the family tree, Jung with surprise learned that one of his ancestors living in the 18th century was a doctor.

Sessions on restoration of genetic memory should be made only under control of the expert as there is a probability that the unprepared person will appear under oppression of the consciousness that can cause a split personality, and as a result – schizophrenia.


Reincarnation – direct resettlement of soul of the person – with genetic memory has nothing in common as these memoirs are not connected with relatives.

Memoirs most often appear when the person endures any trauma or a mental disorder. And experience of these lives can influence the person and now. For example, one person terribly was afraid of fire, treatment at psychiatrists did not give any sense. Then, having used services of the competent hypnotist, the person with surprise learned that in antecedents he died during the fire in Rome.

Therefore whether there is a resettlement of souls or not, there is it belief, or not – all these questions remain for your consideration.


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