Than pumpkin sunflower seeds are useful to men?

Than pumpkin sunflower seeds are useful to men?

For men the nutritionists speak about useful properties of pumpkin sunflower seeds for a long time. But not all men know about them. And meanwhile this product is absolutely necessary for male health.

Than pumpkin sunflower seeds are useful to men?

Seeds of pumpkin contain huge amount of biologically active agents. First of all, it is vitamins A, In, E, F and rare vitamin K and also minerals – zinc, phosphorus, potassium, etc., arginine, linoleic and folic acids, an omega 3 and an omega 6. All these elements well influence a male body, in particular stimulate production of hormone of testosterone.

Pumpkin sunflower seeds can be used as prostatitis prophylactic. They have to be more senior than 35 years in the daily menu of men. Besides, they help to struggle with cardiovascular diseases, and, as we know, impotence in many respects depends on a condition of a blood system. At the regular use of sunflower seeds of pumpkin the metabolism is normalized, cholesterol level decreases, pressure ceases to jump.

But besides useful properties the pumpkin sunflower seeds have also contraindications. They are not recommended to be used to people with stomach ulcer, gastritises with the increased acidity, the patient with bad passability of an intestinal path. Not to spoil teeth, you should not gnaw sunflower seeds, they should be eaten already cleaned. It is worth to remember also that the product can cause an allergy therefore you should not abuse it.

Whether fried pumpkin sunflower seeds are useful?

According to experts, it is better to use pumpkin seeds in slightly dried look – in the raw, only extracted from pulp, they can cause a meteorizm and disorder of intestines. And here it is not recommended to fry pumpkin sunflower seeds. Though in such look they are more tasty, in them half it is less valuable substances, so and there will be a little advantage of such product.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team