The changed condition of consciousness

The changed condition of consciousness

The changed condition of consciousness was endured by all people. Only everyone had the experience and ways to reach it.

It is possible to enter the changed condition of consciousness as it is spontaneous, during immersion in a dream or a trance, and is conscious, under the influence of meditation or some medicines. The changed condition of consciousness thus is shown:

  • narrowing (at detachment during a trance, meditation, hypnosis or falling asleep) or perception expansion (holotropny states);
  • distortion of time, space and the body;
  • hallucinations;
  • from one form in another when colors sound, the taste or a smell have transition of feelings, and sounds become color;
  • emergence of absolute understanding, intuitive perception, inspiration;
  • long experience of the strongest emotions - ecstasy and euphoria or a panic, deep depression;
  • increase or decrease in suggestibility;
  • decrease or increase in a threshold of sensitivity.

Despite singularity of these experiences, they are not harmful to the person. Of course, if he, seeking to reach the changed condition of consciousness, does not apply such dangerous means as alcohol, drugs, toxic substances.

Entry into the changed condition of consciousness happens:

  • spontaneous - under influence the monotonian Period, strong irritants (loud music, physical or nervous exhaustion, exhaustion, strong emotions or intolerable pain) or, on the contrary, at total absence of irritants;
  • caused artificially - psychoactive substances or special procedures, for example, holotropny breath;
  • demanding special ceremonies and rituals.

Hyper stimulation of mentality also forces the person to enter the changed condition of consciousness. Here what methods are used for this purpose:

  1. Bloodletting, burial alive with causing strong physical discomfort, overcoming a dream, causing severe pain castigation, wearing the torturing clothes, shackles, chains is a direct and excessive action on a body and reason.
  2. Ritual dances and chants, ceremonies for celebration or mourning, treatment or expression of feelings, entreaties, thanks tire shamans, priests, sorcerers out and ecstasy.
  3. The drugs and hallucinogens known since ancient times - hallucinogenic mushrooms, a cactus peyotl, hemp, opium - were used in ritual actions and medicine at the Asian and African people.
  4. Today modern means of hyper stimulation were added. Flying narcotic substances (acetone, gasoline), a psychedelia (acid), psychostimulators (the cook, amphetamine, ecstasy), alcohol - the most dangerous among them. Then stresses and a nervous overload follow.
  5. People who wish to reach the changed condition of consciousness as way to change themselves and to get rid of fears, offenses and pain, use safer and effective methods. It is about the powerful psychotechnologies directed to change of a condition of consciousness and correction of the personality. This holotropny breath and rebefing, author's technique of DMD of professor Kozlov, hypnosis.

How to reach the changed condition of consciousness by means of hypostimulation?

Monotonous repetition of mantras, prayers, monotonous actions, occupations yoga and meditation, a post, overcoming a dream - the most ancient ways of change of consciousness.

Modern method - the deprivation, deprivation of the person of any feelings when it is located in special laboratory conditions and does not hear, does not see and does not test is warm, neither cold, nor hunger, nor pain.

What it is necessary for?

Researches showed that the changed condition of consciousness helps to accelerate processes of recovery and psychological recovery, to cope with pains, stresses, to get rid of internal tension and to feel happier and quiet. But only not when with its help the people just want to run away from reality.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team