The ideas for a balcony

The ideas for a balcony

Many people perceive a balcony as the place for drying of linen and storage of things. However actually it is possible to make one more room which will present to the apartment not only an additional living space, but also will make it cozier of a balcony.

Ideas of design of a balcony

The space of a balcony can be used differently. However at the same time it is worth remembering that the balcony is a part of the apartment therefore, selecting furniture and materials for arrangement of a balcony, it should be taken into account the general style of the apartment always. Designers offer such ideas of registration of a balcony:

  1. Study, educational space. Creation of a study on a balcony helps to solve several problems: to involve free space out of rooms, to make an extra space in rooms, to isolate a workplace from other space.

To create a study on a balcony, it is necessary to glaze surely balcony space and to qualitatively warm it. Besides it is necessary to carry out heating on a balcony or to put the heater which can use depending on a season.

Choosing materials for finishing of an office, it is necessary to give preference vlago- and to frost-resistant materials. The general registration of a balcony at the same time has to be in harmony with the room which it adjoins. The office has to be cozy and convenient therefore in it there has to be only most necessary furniture: table, working chair and case.

  1. Greenhouse. Creation of a greenhouse is the good idea for a small balcony. To turn a balcony into a natural zone, many efforts and time will be required. Important that on a balcony temperature, suitable for plants, and lighting was maintained. Usually place unpretentious plants with plentiful foliage which will decorate all room in such greenhouses.

Creating a greenhouse on a balcony, it is necessary to consider that moment that plants will close themselves light coming to the room through a balcony. Therefore large plants should be established on the parties of a balcony, and on the center it is better to place the low and beautifully blossoming plants. Besides it is necessary to select plants and for blossoming time so that the greenhouse was pleasing to the eye the beauty all the year round.

  1. Rest corner. Among the ideas for small balconies the idea of creation on a rest corner balcony has high popularity. For this purpose the most part of a balcony is remade under a bed or a sofa. Trim them with soft materials. Over a bed it is possible to establish a small shelf where place books and magazines, and the lamp. It is desirable to carry out the socket that it was possible to turn on the laptop on a balcony.
  2. Mini-living room. If to establish a small table and two-three wicker chairs on a balcony, it is possible to receive the original mini-living room. For such balcony it is possible to pick up various ideas of an interior. But at the same time it is important that the living room was cozy and not filled additional objects. Such balcony it is possible to issue a country or hi-tech in style and to decorate with the trudging plants.
  3. Bar counter. If a balcony small, then instead of a table it is possible to make a bar counter which considerably will save space. The rack is done most often on the place of a window sill at the window which is going outside. Near a bar counter several high chairs will freely be located.

These are only the most widespread ideas for a balcony. Besides it is possible to make of a balcony library, a mini-kitchen garden, the storeroom, a sports corner and the room for occupations a favourite hobby. In all cases, except creation of the storeroom, the balcony will be required to be glazed, warmed and to light in addition.



Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team