The program of push-ups from a floor

The program of push-ups from a floor

Push-ups are one of seven main physical exercises. To be wrung out, you do not need exercise machines, the gym, stock and even time. The training "on push-ups" will take only several minutes.

Contrary to this joyful prospect, professional athletes not so lyubyashche treat push-ups. The fact is that to be wrung out more than 15 times it appears harmfully. That is, after 15 repetitions you work not for force of muscles, and for endurance. It would seem that bad, you will tell. But so, anyone can say, only not the bodybuilder, for this category of athletes important that exercise worked for growth of muscles, and they at the same time were not burned. Probability exactly to burn muscles is high, carrying out more than 15 times for approach. So, we faced a contradictory subject: to be wrung out or not? Let's talk about the correct program of push-ups from a floor which, certainly, will bring you only benefit.


We already touched upon this subject above, from it and we will begin. The most favorable number of repetitions are 12 times on 5 approaches. Between approaches it is necessary to take a small break, and as a result you receive 60 full push-ups for advantage. It is necessary to be engaged according to the program of trainings of push-ups from a floor not to a thicket than three times a week. You remember, power loading demands time for recovery of muscles.


In the world there were even such fans of push-ups which were capable to count what loading is the share of your body at different types of push-ups. That is, being engaged in the effective program of push-ups, you works with body weight. At push-up on a lap on your body there is loading of 49% of your weight, at push-ups standing (classically) – 64%. If to reject clever percent, then, suppose, that you weigh 70 kg. You are wrung out on a lap – all the same that you work with a bar in 35 kg, you are wrung out on direct legs – the bar already weighs 45 kg.

For a start – it is already very good, but our body quickly adapts to loading and if we do not add turns, we will be engaged empty. For increase in loading, we recommend to be wrung out on one hand and also to be wrung out with a support under legs, thus, from 64% you will increase loading to 75%.

Muscle work

Working according to the program of push-ups from a floor, you expect certain results. If all of them are not heard from in any way, so or you want too much, or work a little. First of all, it is necessary to understand what works when you are wrung out. Hands – it's a no-brainer. At widely placed hands bicepses work, at narrow setting of hands – tricepses. Also during push-ups the big loading is undertaken by a breast. Much smaller loading is received by a back and a press. And if you are wrung out on fists or fingers, will be able to train also wrists.

Push-ups in professional sport

Push-ups, of course, treats the most important exercises in sport in general, however athletes do not hurry to change the exercise machines for push-ups. The reason is that the program of push-ups is suitable rather for the house, or keeping fit on a holiday. The competition of push-up is not sustained, and is much more effective, we will not dissemble, be engaged in gym. But here, everything depends on your requirements. You want to pump up quickly hands, a press, a back, to become the world champion in bodybuilding – go to the gym, do not waste time. But if you just want to support yourself in a decent form by the efforts, at the same time, running, floating, doing martial arts, push-ups as one of types of your many-sided trainings is that it is necessary.

Do not put before push-ups of the overestimated requirements and do not wait for miracles, then trainings on push-ups will meet the high expectations assigned to them.