The security alarm system for the house, the apartment, giving, office – as works what is better?

The security alarm system for the house, the apartment, giving, office – as works what is better?

For the apartment, at home, of office, giving and other buildings the security alarm system can be used. There are several different types of such devices with the features, advantages and shortcomings. When choosing it is recommended to be guided by a professional advice.

How does the security alarm system work?

Functioning of such devices consists in fixing on an object and response to movements, opening of windows and doors, splitting glass and so on, and in a further warning of the incident.

  1. The alarm system for identification of violations uses sensors which can be passive and active.
  2. When they work that the corresponding signal arrives on a wire or a radio channel to the main unit operating all elements of the security alarm system.
  3. After that the device passes into an active phase at which executive systems begin to work.
  4. They will be in this state until it is removed from protection. It can be carried out from the central panel, the reception and control block and a special charm.
  5. For expansion of basic opportunities special broad exits can be used.

Installation of the security alarm system

If the system is not local, then for its installation it is better to invite experts. There are many firms which can install the security alarm system of any type. It is important to choose the companies which have the license and the qualified masters. The security alarm system has to be installed taking into account the existing standards. In the majority a case the contract consisting with the company included such types of works:

  • purchase of necessary materials and details;
  • laying in need of wires;
  • placement of final devices;
  • work on adjustment and start-up;
  • preparation of documents and map of an object;
  • delivery of works and training in use;
  • setting of an object on protection.

Service of the security alarm system

Servicing of such system has to be entrusted professionals, and it means performance of certain works which are directed to definition of mistakes in operation of the device and their elimination. Fasteners, flexible connections, correctness of work of a sound system and operability of power supplies are without fail checked. Maintenance of the security alarm system can be divided into two a stage:

  1. Prevention. Here understand testing of certain sites or a system in general. Besides, here refer updating of the software.
  2. Repair. Here stages of full or partial change of details of a system, and still replacement of obsolete cables with new enter.

Types of the security alarm system

Producers offer several types of alarm systems with the features which should be considered.

  1. Autonomous. The system does not provide remote signal transmission on the panel or phone. At its operation there is a light and/or sound notification. It is considered that its level of protection is worse than other options.
  2. GSM. If the wireless security alarm system is necessary, then pay attention to the complex which is turning on the modules transmitting signals via channels of cellular communication. The control and reception device can turn on devices which give information on serviceability of a system and level of a charge. GSM is easy to establish and operate it.
  3. Local. Security signaling of the immediate notification of penetration which is not connected to the panel. As the majority of systems of transfer are digital, it is possible to expect high informational content. It is impossible to call this option highly effective.
  4. With sensors. It is possible to use motion sensors and opening for protection.

Cost of the security alarm system

It is impossible to answer unambiguously, how much is the alarm system of security type as everything depends on a number of factors. For each object the price is unique and it pays off depending on type of the equipment, its quantity and the area of the protected object. The security alarm system video surveillance in the different companies can differ therefore before the choice it is recommended to address to several organizations and to carry out comparison. Experts do not recommend to save on the alarm system that it provided appropriate protection.

What security alarm system is better?

There is a huge number of the devices used for protection therefore when choosing it is necessary to consider such recommendations:

  1. At first survey the house to define places through which violators can get into the room. It is necessary to consider quantity of the doors and windows demanding protection, and still to understand whether it is necessary to protect the territory in front of the house or not.
  2. Connection of the security alarm system demands definition of the place where the control panel will be installed. It has to be in the place hidden from public eyes and not near an entrance door. The keyboard of management is placed in most cases near an entrance and in the bedroom.
  3. Perform measurements of distance from windows and doors to the control panel. It is necessary to understand how many the cable is required when using the wire security alarm system or to estimate range between sensors and the panel at wireless option. Consider that laying of a wire system indoors where repair – the difficult task demanding significant financial investments ended.
  4. Be defined whether you will cooperate with the monitoring company that will demand monthly payment. More available alternative is giving of a signal on the personal mobile phone.
  5. It is important to consider that different alarm systems are capable to control different quantity of zones as all sites of the house have to be protected.
  6. Decide whether it is necessary that the security alarm system had protection against accidents, for example, the detector of carbon or natural monoxide, and still detectors of a leakage of water and the fire.

The security alarm system for the apartment

For protection of the apartment it is possible to buy the independent alarm system which gives a signal at the moment of danger, or console, sending a signal to the panel to the security organization. It will protect from breaking of doors, knocking-out of glass and penetration of strangers into the apartment. Experts recommend to install the alarm system relating to console which completely controls all room. If there is not a lot of means, then choose the independent GSM alarm system which at the same time activates a signal and notifies the owner, sending it to phone the message.

The security alarm system for the house

For the private house it is possible to use the GSM alarm system, but it would be desirable to stop on a modern system – the Smart home which takes the leading positions. This the high-tech device can distinguish unauthorized penetration and report about it. This means of the security alarm system has sensitive sensors reacting to opening of doors and windows. The smart home includes the system of video surveillance which displays the TV and the computer the picture in real time. Still it signals about gas leak, break of pipes and smoke.

The security alarm system for giving

The simplest option – the system including two basic elements: the detector for fixing of penetration of strangers on the territory, and means of the notification. The best device of the security alarm system – the independent GSM alarm system which can be wire and wireless. It transmits a danger signal to the owner's phone for what on the protected object there has to be a cellular communication. The similar device is capable to work at a basis only of autonomous food for a long time. The GSM alarm system demands simple account replenishment of mobile network operator.

The security alarm system for office

It is recommended to use a combination of several options best of all. GSM which can be established independently will be suitable for the tranquility and for addition of the fire alarm. Such device of the security alarm system can be added with devices for observation of work of employees. It is better to stop on a set of wireless IP of the observation working at base of the camera which helps to watch activity of personnel online. Besides, video cameras of the IP Home complex can have additional functions, for example, the detector of the movement.


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