What lamps it is better to put in headlights?

What lamps it is better to put in headlights?

Headlights are an integral part of the car which help to see the road to night-time and under different weather conditions. Many drivers after purchase of the car think of what lamps to put in headlights as the available options do not conform to the moving-forward requirements. According to the existing statistics every fifth accident at night day happens because of bad work of a system of consecration. Still researches showed that practically in every third car there are problems with headlights.

What lamps it is better to put in headlights?

During projecting of optics in modern cars fundamental laws of lighting engineering are used. The owner of a car cannot affect a design of headlights, but replace bulbs and improve quality of light, quite feasibly to everyone.

What lamps can be put in headlights:

  1. Standard H4. Such lamps power have 60/55 W. Considering availability of two threads of incandescence, they can work in two modes, that is show a high and passing beam. Choosing signature bulbs it is possible to count on long service life and a stable luminescence. Producers work on improvement of this type of lamps.
  2. All-weather. Thanks to unique technology, it is possible to count on a hard lighting in time adverse weather conditions. They differ first of all in existence on a flask of a special covering which gives to a light stream a yellowish shade.
  3. Lamps of the strengthened light stream. Considering use of unique configuration of a bulb, the power of radiation increases by 30-60%, than at usual lamps. There is one essential shortcoming – small service life.
  4. Lamps of the increased comfort. By means of use of unique technology of a headlight form a bright white stream of light. Such option of lighting is very similar to a daylight that is more habitual for human eyes. A shortcoming – light beams are reflected from drops of a rain, snow and fog that worsens visibility of the road.
  5. Lamps of the increased power. It is possible to use them only out of the road as they too strongly blind oncoming transport.

For a start it is important to learn what bulbs initially cost in the car, to be exact their type and power as it is worth relying on this value. The most popular is white plain halogen. Upon purchase the experts recommend special attention to pay to marking as each model is intended for hotel type of optics. You should not save on bulbs as their quality depends on this indicator.

What lamps it is better to put in fog lights?

To provide to drivers more comfortable movement on the car during bad weather, special bulbs which are called fog were thought up.

What lamps to put in fog lights:

  1. There are options intended for installation on a bumper in which special openings are cut out. Still bulbs can fasten below a bumper on brackets, but experts consider this option unsuccessful.
  2. Fog lights can be integrated into the general system of optics. They are placed below the main headlights.
  3. Existence of adjustment of a light stream is important that allows to adjust a light beam under own car.
  4. In fog lamps color of a light stream is of great importance. The PF yellow color is considered the most acceptable option. The worst choice are bulbs of blue color.
  5. Interests many whether it is possible to put LED lamps in headlights, and so, in case of fog lamps this quite correct decision. Thanks to their use it is possible to receive normally directional light.