What oil it is better to fill in in the engine - the rating of engine oils

What oil it is better to fill in in the engine - the rating of engine oils

Having wound 15 thousand kilometers on a speedometer, the owner of a car has to carry out planned checkup where also replacement of engine oil enters. What oil it is better to fill in in the engine? Choosing a product, it is necessary to consider not only the brand of a product, but also climate, and councils of producers. This valuable liquid provides to the car the maximum resource.

How to choose oil for the engine?

The greasing liquid for motors significantly differs one from another, and the essence of this difference needs to be considered. In what does the difference what oil for the engine is better consist? Is mineral which is received at distillation and purification of oil, it is called still oil. Synthetic - a combination of chemical compounds. So what oil to pour into the engine? Shortly about characteristics:

  1. Mineral oil. Quickly loses qualities because of big concentration of additives. There are paraffin, naphthenic and aromatic groups, the first in the list best of all is suitable for lubricant.
  2. Synthetic oil. It is considered better than mineral, reduces friction of details, saves fuel, it is not sensitive to overheating. Big expiration date.
  3. Semi-synthetic oil. Intermediate option between the first two. Cheaper synthetic, but is more qualitative than mineral.

How often to change oil in the engine?

Engine oil preserves a cursor against overheating and destruction, reduces wear of details. But over time these useful properties are lost therefore lubricant updating is required. Through how many to change oil in the engine? Standard replacement is made through each 10-15 thousand kilometers, and at least, than once a year. Several councils from skilled motorists:

  1. Oil quickly "grows old" in the worn-out engine where a lot of dust collects. Therefore if the car is bought from hands, it is necessary to replace the greasing liquid.
  2. If oil has to be added, you should not mix different brands. As a last resort, a part of other grade should not be more than 15%.
  3. It is impossible to mix synthetic oil with mineral at all. Additives can fail.

What oil to fill in in the engine?

The recommended oil in the engine is always noted in the instruction by the producer of a car, and these comments should be taken into account. It should be taken into account also compromise options. Whether it is possible to replace a type of oil and how it is correct to make it?

  1. If several years the owner used mineral oil, then in a cursor deposits which completely when replacing were not washed away collect. If to pass to synthetic, it begins to delete deposits, and then oil flows outside. Masters advise does not pass from one view of another, and to change "mineral water" just more often.
  2. It is possible to buy after mineral oil for a car semi-synthetic, it much cheaper "synthetics", and is suitable for a cursor more.

Engine oils for petrol engines

Upon purchase of the greasing liquid it is necessary to consider also characteristics of the car. And also – requirements of the producer, weather on the street and a possibility of the purse. What oil needs to be filled in in the engine petrol? Masters of car services offer two options:

  1. Marking 5W30, for any season, well works both during cold, and during a heat.
  2. Marking 10W40. Often owners of cars with petrol cursors buy, but it is suitable for summer more.

Oil for turbocharged petrol engines

Cars with a turbocharged cursor are very widespread. Air arrives under pressure, and fuel-air mix completely burns down. Semi-synthetic oil categorically does not approach, only – synthetic. Masters advise oil in the engine turbocharged to buy:

  1. The SAE standard, it is designated as 5W30. Universal option.
  2. API standard. The best choice – the class SN and SM.
  3. Standard of ACEA. Categories A and B are suitable for turbocharged cursors.
  4. ISLAC standard. Almost repeats API, analogy of ISLAC GL-3 call API SL.

Oil for diesel engines

Engine oils for diesel engines significantly differ from petrol. The diesel cursor "pulls" on poorer fuel-air mix, and combustion goes quickly. Important reference points for purchase:

  • 5W – maintains 25 degrees of a frost;
  • 10W – pulls at a temperature of-20;
  • 15W – copes at-15 degrees.

Concerning standards, on a question "What oil to fill in in the diesel engine?" masters answer:

  1. API standard. Products of category C. On subclasses – CF best of all will approach.
  2. ASEA standard. For automobile cars it is necessary to choose category B, for heavy diesel cars and trucks - category E. Still it is possible to use class C, the structure is suitable both for petrol, and for diesel engines, but only those which are combined with black filters. In a series of energy saving oils for cars and small trucks it is possible to use class B1 and B5.
  3. Universal oils. Are suitable both for petrol, and for diesel engines, the optimum choice – categories S and C.

Oil for the diesel engine with the turbine

It is very difficult to choose diesel oil for turbocharged engines because these mechanisms – the most whimsical in respect of the greasing liquids. Differ from usual diesel cursors in existence of a turbocompressor, it also complicates a situation. What oil it is better to fill in in the engine of such car? Standards include such classification:

  1. API standard. Goods with the improved properties and a minimum of toxins - CF-4. By a year of "birth" of the car a reference point such:
  • for the motors released till 1983 – class SE;
  • for transport which rolled off the production line after 1990 – class CF-41, 1994 and further – CG-4.
  1. ASEA standard. A product - E2-96, the improved version - E1-96. On means of transport councils for application such:
  • for standard turbocharged cursors - B2-96;
  • for engines with the turbine and without - B3-96.


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