What to begin repair in kitchen with?

What to begin repair in kitchen with?

Time goes, everything changes, the kitchen does not change only for some reason. It is impossible to leave it so! Let's talk about repair in the most popular room.

What to begin repair in kitchen with?

And at once the reasonable answer comes: certainly, from the plan, each good cause begins only with it if, besides it is wanted to be finished reasonable and pleasant for all.

The kitchen – such place where the woman spends a lot of time, and all family gathers several times a day behind a joint meal, whether it be a breakfast-lunch-dinner or a having a snack-having a snack-tea drinking. That is, in other words, this such place where everything it has to be convenient and comfortable, and, at the same time, where various hygienic and technical requirements connected with cooking have to be observed. Here it is necessary to place a plate, a sink, a desktop, regiments with ware and products, the fridge, a dining table, various kitchen equipment. Well, at least – a part of all this. To make the putevy project very difficult, kitchens, as a rule, do not differ in spaciousness and convenient planning, and better to address the expert. But there is a wish to make repair of kitchen by own efforts – what to begin in this case, step by step with?

Stage first. Design

It is necessary to make the design project. To draw on a squared paper the kitchen in scale. Then carefully to measure all furniture and to cut out from cardboard the small squares-pryamougolnichki, etc. corresponding to the basis of different pieces of furniture and the equipment in the same scale as the plan of kitchen. And now it is possible, having differently furniture, etc. on the plan, to choose ideal option of its arrangement. To decide what hinged regiments are necessary. Perhaps, to choose other options of placement of ware and devices (for example, hooks). And, of course, to be defined in what style and in what color scale to register kitchen.

Stage second. What materials to choose for kitchen?

Kitchen – the place where close people gather. Means, it has to be beautifully issued and comfortably equipped. Here, by the way, there would be soft, pacifying colors, beautiful furniture in style, pleasant for all, decor elements. Only it is worth to remember that the kitchen is more fashionable, rather it will become old-fashioned and will lose appeal. And here classics or country are options that is called for ages. But, however, to each his own …

On the other hand, kitchen – the place where food is cooked. Means, all surfaces can be affected by steam, high temperature, splashes of water or fat. But, at the same time, they have to be wiped and disinfected well.

Therefore, at the correct repair of kitchen, materials should be selected such which well wash and are not deformed from steam and influence of high temperature. It is one floor better to lay linoleum, but it is possible to choose also a tile or even a natural stone if means allow. It is better to paint a ceiling with water emulsion, but it is possible to make a false ceiling, to put plates or panels. As for walls, here the mass of beautiful and convenient options on any purse. The washing wall-paper, a tile, a tile are equally good (on taste and color …).

Stage third. How it is correct to make repair in kitchen?

It is necessary to be defined: whether any repair of a water supply system and electrical wiring will be carried out (transfer of sockets, sinks, etc.). If yes, it it is better to charge that to experts if only you not superjack of all trades. It should be solved first of all because and it is necessary to do first of all. If it is necessary to replace windows, then their turn – the second.

Then there comes ceiling time. It is necessary to remove a former covering (tile, old paint or whitewashing), to properly smooth out and make a new covering which was chosen.

Now floor and, at last, walls and plinth.

Only after everything in the best way dried out, it is possible to start installation of household appliances according to earlier made plan. Then lighting is mounted. The optimal variant – if over a desktop is illumination, and over lunch - the beautiful lamp suggesting an idea of a cosiness and of a home.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team