What to do at a bruise?

What to do at a bruise?

More often it is necessary to arrive at an idea of the trapping danger continually. In spite of the fact that today all services of the help almost within walking distance, thanks to mobile phones, occasions to address them nevertheless did not decrease, is and forces to be on the alert.

So it is necessary to do, when developing a bruise?

Actually there are same councils for all cases. In particular it is about need of four important steps as first aid to the victim.

  1. The pressing bandage and cold are important during the first hours after getting injured. Best of all ice and a cool compress will approach, their use is necessary for the sake of prevention of hypostasis.
  2. Practically in one and too time with cooling it is necessary to ennoble the place of a bruise over heart level. So we will reduce blood inflow that and at this stage to exclude formation of hypostasis. It is especially important to know that at a leg bruise, it needs to be done surely, remembering, it is necessary to kick downstairs it the head forward, and to bear up - forward legs. In other words all the time are raised above the ground there have to be legs.
  3. Certainly, at the initial stage it is necessary to take off effects of pain. In principle, any anesthetic will approach, but doctors give preference to a class of nonsteroid anti-inflammatory medicines, like "ibuprofen" for the reason that they not only satisfy pain, but also fight against inflammation. Besides, it is necessary to apply the same medicines in the form of gel or ointment to the place of a bruise.
  4. Rassasyvayushchy therapy to which it is also necessary to resort with the help in treatment of a bruise is the electrophoresis and magnetotherapy. Heat baths or the warming compresses can be replacement to similar procedures in house conditions.

What to do at a severe bruise?

If you have no medical education, then the only thing that you can undertake this imposing of a cold compress and a call of the ambulance. Besides depending on force of blow and localization of a trauma the bruise can be really heavy. So at a severe bruise of edges to prompt that it will be difficult to do because because of rather strong injury of edges the breath is at a loss, and the feeling of pain can appear suddenly and sharply for the reason that muscles of edges constantly in work. In the first two days it is desirable to get rid of various physical activities, having provided to the patient absolute rest. However the high security is not always appropriate, more frequent example of treatment of a severe injury of edges - the hard bandaging imposed in a thorax. Also it is necessary to include anesthetics because pains do not pass long enough in therapy.

Besides, the visit of the traumatologist which could make check of work of lungs is strongly recommended and be convinced of their complete state and functioning.

And here what it is impossible to do at bruises such is to self-medicate, capable to cause undesirable risks and absolutely unpredictable result. Serious injuries always, by the definition, require especially close attention from the professional doctor who is able to make the necessary recommendations and councils for business and terms. He is only who has the right to assure the patient and his family of absence heavy or not absolutely desirable consequences after traumatized. That is why, the best way of treatment of the heavy bruises got as a result of heavy blows need a hospital where an opportunity to provide careful inspection on existence of serious complications and damages of bodies is carried out round the clock.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team