What to do if the nose does not breathe?

What to do if the nose does not breathe?

The complicated nasal breath - a problem very widespread. Despite of banality, it is capable to spoil existence of the person fairly. Habitual tastes and smells become unrecognizable, and superficial breath causes oxygen starvation of cages of an organism. It results in irritability, weakness and fatigue. What to do if the nose does not breathe – first of all to define the reason, the enemy needs to be known by sight.

Influence of viruses or allergens can become the causes of rhinitis.

When the virus particle gets into a nose cavity by inhalation, it starts self-cleaning function. It occurs in the form of cold and hypostasis of mucous membranes of a nose.

Treatment of cold at respiratory diseases generally comes in a complex from all symptoms.

The mechanism of allergic rhinitis is similar to cold symptoms, but causes their influence of allergens. To get rid of allergic cold, it is necessary to define an irritant which causes it and to pick up adequate treatment. For this purpose it is necessary to visit the allergologist.

Than to treat a nose if he does not breathe?

Many people make a mistake, uncontrolledly filling in vasoconstrictive drops in a nose. It leads to the fact that liquid collects in nasal bosoms and reaches a limit with antritis. Besides drops are capable to cause accustoming and then will difficult do without them. As a result, most of people with dependence on drops come to the doctor with words that strongly a stuffy nose, "I cannot breathe, and nothing helps". For simplification of breath during a disease it is enough to moisten air and to air the room. Wash a nose cavity with water solution with addition of sea salt in the afternoon. The procedure needs to be carried out at an interval of 2-3 hours. It is necessary to apply vasoconstrictive medicines only for the night, it will give the chance to get enough sleep.

Why the nose does not breathe, and there is no cold?

The reasons for which during absence of cold the nose all the same remains passive there can be a set. They begin with banal accustoming to above-mentioned vasoconstrictive drops and come to an end with pathological conditions of a cavity of a nose. The stuffy nose without cold can also be a harbinger of the beginning of a catarrhal disease or already available antritis.

Antritis is a consequence of not cured cold or cold when all contents move, collect and inflame in gaymorovy bosoms. At antritis the presence of a headache in the field of superciliary arches and under eyes is noted. Temperature to the indication of 38 degrees can periodically increase. The person feels a general malaise and weakness. Treatment is done, is dependent on complexity of a state and neglect of a disease. Sometimes it is enough to spend on drink a rate of the medicines appointed by the doctor in combination with the warming-up procedures. But in more difficult situation a necessary action is surgery.

From pathologies allocate three problems: a curvature of a nasal partition, the inflamed adenoides and existence of polyps.

Partition curvature in a nose – this problem can carry both the congenital, and acquired character. The curvature owing to a trauma or a fracture of a nose is considered acquired.

Adenoides – often people confuse concepts, considering that adenoides and polyps it is the same problem. But actually they differ with the nature of emergence and the location radically. Adenoides are considered as normal lymphatic education and are located in a nasopharynx. At a usual state they are not capable to cause any discomfort but, having inflamed, can become the reason of the complicated nasal breath.

Polyps are a pathological education in a cavity of a nose and nasal bosoms. The more they increase in a size, the more difficult there is a breath.

Above and above the listed states do not respond to independent treatment and demand surgical correction.


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