Why defragmentation of a disk is necessary?

Why defragmentation of a disk is necessary?

Many users of computers heard a phrase defragmentation of a disk, but why it is necessary and what process is know not all.

For what defragmentation of the hard drive is necessary?

The disk consists of the cells collected among themselves in clusters. The cell, in simple terms, this place for storage of information, and it can be damaged in the course of operation of the computer, for example, because of temperature drop. The destroyed cell cannot be used therefore it needs to be disconnected kind of, it also occurs when carrying out defragmentation. Defragmentation process start, allows to find the damaged cells and to disconnect them, it needs to be made in order that the speed of operation of the computer increased.

There is also one more reason which, by the way, helps the user to define how often it is necessary to do defragmentation of the hard drive. When saving the file or program on the computer, information can be fragmented, that is, is written down not in the next cells, and on several, the available seats located at distance from each other. Process of defragmentation allows to redistribute the fragmented pieces more rationally. Thus, the more often you save large files, the more often it is necessary to carry out defragmentation, do not forget that system mistakes during the operation of the computer arise often because of the inspection which is not carried out in time and elimination of idle cells or information located irrationally in them.

Proceeding from above-written, it is possible to draw a conclusion that whether the question needs to be done defragmentation of a disk has only one correct answer. Of course, it is necessary to start this process approximately time in 1-2 months, it will increase the speed of operation of the computer and will reduce the probability of emergence of program mistakes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team