Why hands grow dumb?

Why hands grow dumb?

This unpleasant and frightening symptom can be shown in various situations. And to understand whether it is a harbinger of a dangerous disease and whether it is worth seeing a doctor, the first that needs to be made, to understand it in what situations hands grow dumb, it will explain why it occurs. Not seldom the feeling of numbness of fingers is connected with absolutely harmless and harmless reasons.

What means when hands constantly grow dumb when carrying weights?

It often occurs at those people who regularly carry heavy bags or other objects in hands. In it manifestation is not present anything dangerous. The feeling numbness is in this situation connected with instability of blood circulation. When the person transfers weights, vessels can be pressed and blood does not come to fingers in necessary quantity. As a rule, unpleasant feelings pass in a few minutes after the bag or a heavy subject are put on the earth. For this reason little fingers on hands quite often grow dumb.

It is simple to get rid of this feeling. First, try to regulate weight of transferable objects, or to pick up more convenient bag. Secondly, strengthen vessels of a muscle of hands. For this purpose the ordinary gymnastics which it is possible will approach and it is necessary to do in the mornings.

Why hands in a dream often grow dumb?

It is also connected with violation of blood circulation which arises at an inconvenient pose. In this situation it is worth picking up and getting a qualitative mattress and a pillow, it is better if they are orthopedic. It will help to keep during sleep the correct position of a body and hands will cease to grow dumb.

Blood circulation violation is also caused by too close clothes and a "cold" jacket or a coat. When freezing, blood will badly come to fingers and palms, as will cause feeling of numbness. There is nothing superdangerous, of course, in it. But nevertheless it is worth thinking of acquisition of warmer clothes which will be picked correctly up for the size.

The feeling of numbness can be caused also by the postponed catarrhal diseases or a tonsillitis. As a rule, in this case it passes in 5-7 days. Numbness of extremities at the same time most often occurs also during sleep.

Hands – other reasons and treatment grow dumb

Also numbness of extremities can be symptom of a disease. If the person constantly has this feeling, at the same time any of the above-mentioned reasons does not approach, it is worth seeing a doctor immediately. It is necessary to make it as it is possible that it is a symptom of one of the following diseases:

  • the suffered injury of a brush, shoulder, wrist or backbone;
  • osteochondrosis, most often cervical department;
  • neuralgia of a humeral texture;
  • damage of a nerve ganglion which is located in the field of a brush;
  • tunnel syndrome.

The main symptom of these of a disease is numbness of hands and treatments demand all these illnesses. Without timely medical care the disease can pass into a stage chronic, so, it will become many times more difficult to get rid of it.

Having seen a doctor with the complaint to feeling of numbness of fingers, the person will have to undergo comprehensive examination. For this purpose it is necessary to make blood test, to visit the surgeon and to undergo radiological scanning. On the basis of the data obtained after inspection the diagnosis will be made and treatment is appointed.

You should not be afraid, the timely address helps to get rid quickly and of unpleasant symptoms, and of the disease. And here ignoring of numbness of extremities can lead to the tragedy. Therefore it is not necessary to self-medicate or wait that everything will pass by itself. It is better to address the expert and to eliminate a disease right at the beginning.

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