Why it is impossible to drink water after the training?

Why it is impossible to drink water after the training?

Often during the training getting insufferably thirsty, and the trainer forbids to use liquid. Why it is impossible to drink water after the training how to do right thing and at the same time not to do harm to an organism, we will in detail tell now. First of all, it is necessary to consider the processes happening in an organism at liquid loss.

Dehydration and sweating

At any occupation physical exercises the organism loses liquid, and at intensive muscular loading the temperature increase of a body is usually observed. Sweating at trainings has protective effect on an organism, preventing overheating. As a rule, it is not noticed, but even during sleep the person sweats and at the room temperature from human skin is allocated sweat half of liter within 24 hours. Together with then organism gets rid of products of exchange and excess of salt. If to look at it on the one hand, then it is good, and here with another – the electrolytes representing the salts necessary for an organism are lost.

Many people who play sports during the trainings use water and sports drinks, but not all know that at such consumption of liquid it is possible to face such disease as a giponatremiya, arising at physical reloading. The disease is dangerous and, without having stopped occupation and accepting water further, there will be a problem with kidneys at the expense of what water will not come out an organism, and the level of sodium will go down. For these reasons the experts recommend not to consume a lot of liquid, and to drink often but very small portions, no more than 100 g for time.

Why many consider what cannot be drunk during the training?

At such sport as run, is recommended to refrain from the water use as at plentiful consumption of liquid it is possible to face decrease in endurance. It is necessary to refuse the active use of water during the training also to athletes who prepare for competitions and try to get rid of excessive liquid in an organism. Answering a question whether to drink water after the training, it is possible to give definite answer – yes, but with the reservation that the amount of water should not be excessive.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team