Why it is impossible to eat after the training?

Why it is impossible to eat after the training?

Huge the number of people today regularly do fitness and similar sports, seeking to get rid of extra kilos and to keep the weight up to the standard. And many of them diligently conform to the rule ordering to eat two hours later after the training. Most often it becomes "on an automatic pilot" because people submit to this requirement, without thinking about it it is expedient. But actually not everyone understands why it is impossible to eat after the training. And this requirement was born not from scratch. It has quite scientific justification.

Why it is impossible to eat after the training?

During performance of physical exercises of people actively uses not only the muscles, but also respiratory organs, and the blood circulatory system. We begin to inhale quicker, work of heart becomes more frequent, and more oxygen comes to blood. At the expense of it also exchange processes in cages accelerate that, finally, and promotes intensive splitting of fatty tissue. Its disintegration continues and after a while after classes. If during this period to provide to a body an additional energy resource in the form of food, then thawing of a fat layer considerably will slow down.

What can be eaten after the training in the evening?

But even two hours later after classes is high-calorific food it is not recommended. Food after the training to lose weight, has to be easy and well acquired. It can be fruit, vegetables, sheet salad and greens, fermented milk products, low-fat boiled fish, etc. If a main objective of sports activities is finding of a beautiful relief of a body, then it is worth stopping the choice on protein products, and for growth of muscles after the training, it is possible to eat a portion of boiled meat with salad, cottage cheese of average fat content with fruit and nuts or several eggs.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team