Why it is impossible to look at welding?

Why it is impossible to look at welding?

Welding – fascinating action which attracts views not only of adults, but also children. At the same time many in the childhood heard that it is impossible to look at welding but why and that will be if to break the ban, is known to the little. It is even possible to judge that the sparks allocating in operating time are dangerous, having looked at the person who is engaged in welding as on his face there will be by all means a special mask with dark glass which preserves eyes.

What will if look at welding?

Despite beauty of action, it is the best of all to refuse viewing to save the health. The thing is that radiation during welding occurs in the ultra-violet range which not probably eyes of the person, and they simply do not react to it. At the same time it is worth noticing that a light stream so strong that at long influence there is a burn of eyes. Welders call such problem "to catch a hare" as the person sees white spots. Besides consequences of a trauma are felt through some time that only aggravates consequences.

Saying about what will be if long to look at welding, it is worth specifying also the main symptoms demonstrating developing of a burn. First of all painful feelings, gripes, reddenings, a slezootdeleniye, fear before light and feeling of availability of "sand in eyes" are felt.

By the way, to confirm the effect rendered by welding on eyes it is possible to make one experiment independently. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare any subject of black color which is not useful any more and it will not be a pity to throw out him. It should be put near the person borrowing with welding works so that on it radiation surely got. Leave it for 15-25 min., and then, it is possible to look what as a result turned out. Black paint will become light, and in some places it will just burn out. Welding has similar effect also on eyes of the person therefore it is impossible to look at welding. At the same time it is worth noticing that living cells not only become colourless, but also die off therefore in more difficult cases there is a high risk of development of a blindness.

What to do if looked at welding, and eyes hurt?

The first that it is necessary to make – to wash out eyes a large amount of water or to use weak solution of potassium permanganate. Often not only eyes, but also a face suffer therefore it is also recommended to be covered with a damp towel.

There are several councils concerning what to do if looked at welding, and pain appeared. If the problem is not aggravated, then it is possible to put on eyes of a segment of crude potatoes and to take their couple of hours. Many claim that good results are yielded by compresses from tea bags which at first need to be lowered in warm water, and then, to put on the closed eyelids. According to responses the result can be received already 20 min. later. For increase in effect the doctors recommend to alternate compresses to tea and to camomile infusion.

If mechanical particles got into eyes, it is important not to rub them and not to try to take everything independently therefore see a doctor. Experts recommend in such situation, to call an ambulance, to close eyes and to wait for the help as the sharp movement can become the cause of a blindness. After removal under eyelids special solution or ointment is applied. For restoration of a cornea the doctor registers special drops. At strong pain special medicines or ointments can be appointed. If experts are not able to remove foreign particles, then the injection with soluble calcium which helps to clean eyes will be made. If the situation is strongly aggravated, then the doctor appoints carrying out surgical intervention.


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