Why it is impossible to read lying?

Why it is impossible to read lying?

Many like to spend free time in horizontal position, at the same time watching TV, playing on the laptop or reading something. Quite so statistically a large number of people represents rest. At the same time it is worth understanding whether it is possible to read lying and whether there is in it some health hazard. Doctors agree in opinion that to spend free time with the book in horizontal position harmfully, referring to several arguments as the proof.

Whether it is possible to read lying on a back?

Accepting horizontal position of people, sends to the brain a signal that there comes time for rest. As a result the organism relaxes and it leads to the fact that the attention dissipates, and the brain already not so actively and sharply reacts to information arriving to it. It also explains the fact that many people I fall asleep directly with the book in hands.

Why it is impossible to read lying:

  1. First of all similar pastime negative image affects sight. Being in horizontal position, the person cannot control that between eyes and the book there was a distance in 30-35 cm. Reading on one side can also block light that is also harmful to sight.
  2. Reading lying on a back, the person has to hold the book on outstretched arms that leads to the fact that they are tired. It forces to put it on a breast, and, therefore, it is necessary to bend cervical department of a backbone that can become as a result the reason of appearance of pain and the second chin.
  3. One more argument why harmfully to read lying, concerns that when the person is in horizontal position, breath is at a loss and blood circulation worsens.

If you after all are not ready to refuse in pleasure to read yourself lying on a soft sofa or a bed, then carry out some rules. First, read not longer than half an hour in a row. Secondly, take a break for rest and performance of the simple weakening exercises.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team