Why it is impossible to sleep-headed to a window?

Why it is impossible to sleep-headed to a window?

Many people faced information that it is impossible to sleep-headed to a window or to a door. There was it in an extreme antiquity, having turned into superstition. About rules of position of a body such known direction as feng shui is engaged during sleep. There is a confirmation that the person who chose the correct situation for a dream feels more comfortably.

Whether it is possible to sleep-headed to a window?

Modern yogis consider that the task of the person is to help the organism. For this reason they claim that it is possible to sleep the head to a window only if they are located on the North or northeast side. Thanks to it it will be possible to ensure good rest and also to attract material benefits.

Saying about why it is impossible to sleep-headed to a window, it should be taken into account also a national sign which reached to us from an extreme antiquity. Our ancestors believed that at night the streets are walked by different evil spirit which can glance to the house through a window. It not only can frighten, but also lead to loss of vital energy.

Also the popular Japanese philosophy feng shui forbids to sleep-headed to a window. It is considered that similar rest will become the cause of problems in different spheres of life. The person can get sick and also face troubles in private life and at work. Besides the healthy sleep is associated with security, and the window does not allow to feel it. On feng shui it is recommended to sleep near a wall far away from any sources of noise. It should be taken into account also the direction of light, so if the head turns on the East that the person can expect success in all undertakings and also after a dream the cheerfulness will be felt. If the person emotional and creative, then for him the suitable direction is the West. For advance on a career ladder it is recommended to sleep-headed on the South.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team