As are fooled around

As are fooled around

After marriage in behavior and appearance of the woman some changes which in many respects depend on the man who is nearby begin to happen.


1. If the woman marries and becomes happy in family life, she feels inspired. Her face is lit by a bright infectious smile, the girl begins to watch more carefully the appearance, changing the clothes, visiting beauty shops more often, doing manicure, a pedicure and laying. Some women register in fitness clubs, carry out visits to the cosmetologist and the massage therapist.

2. Except external changes, the happy woman changes also the behavior. She becomes the faithful, obedient and devoted wife, surrounds with attention and care the beloved. Girls learn to prepare, constantly improving the culinary skills, try to create the cozy family atmosphere in the house. Women subconsciously prepare for the child's birth, they have a maternal instinct which they till the birth of the kid splash out on the beloved spouse.

3. If after the introduction in a legal marriage, the woman does not feel happy, having chosen not that man who is necessary to her in husbands, she gradually begins to die away. Her mood is constant something is spoiled, she stays on the verge of failure, has a depression and a stress. Some women cease to watch themselves, become isolated in own thoughts, refuse communication with friends and old acquaintances.

4. Besides, the behavior of the wife can change after commission of marital infidelity. In such cases of the girl cease to pay to the husband due attention, limit to it access to funds of communication and to the personal space. They are late at work more often or begin to spend time in the company of friends with which you were not familiar. Its appearance undergoes positive changes, the mood is capable to change sharply. Your wife can come back home from walk in suspiciously raised mood, however any your word or remark will cause in it a storm of negative emotions and to lead to scandal. Your spouse can unexpectedly have urgent matters about which she will not tell you. On its phone calls which it will dump if at this moment you spend time together will arrive. Delays at work, new gifts, change of a circle of contacts, the closed access to social networks, the laptop, phone and contingencies - all this becomes signs of women's treason.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team