Classical triangle: the child – parents – school

Classical triangle: the child – parents – school

The first class opens a new era not only in life of the child, but also all family. For the child the visit of school bears in itself many opening, new knowledge, but also new rules and duties. For parents among other things there is a task to teach the child to treat responsibly study, behavior at school, to doing homework.

And at first usually everything happens easily and simply. The child with interest goes to school and performs all tasks. But the program becomes more difficult from a lesson to a lesson. Homeworks turn into an everyday routine, taking away precious time from games and entertainments. It often affects study, the progress decreases, the child and parents are upset. As a result it can lead as to full loss of interest in study, and to problems in the child's relations with parents.

Parents should not blame the child or the teacher for failures in this case. It is very important to help the child to adapt to new conditions. Homeworks should not become punishment for the child at all. It is possible that several breaks will be necessary for the child during its performance. You should not swear and fight against it. It is normal for children of younger school age. They quickly get tired and activity change is necessary. It is better to stipulate rest time with the child. Also time of rest to carry out is not necessary, sitting in front of the TV or at the computer. It is better if the child spends this time actively, in the fresh air or at least just with toys. It is possible to accustom the child to gymnastics for eyes and easy motive warm-up. Exercises can be found in the Internet easily.

Need and usefulness of homework has to speak to the child, but not be put before him as an incontestable fact. At the same time it is necessary to remember that one explanation for the child can be insufficiently, and in a week the repeated conversation on the same subject is required. The main thing not to lose self-control, to talk to the child quietly, not to wave away from his questions and objections. The behavior and work at lessons are very important for successful study too. If with it there are problems, then it is necessary to talk to the teacher. But not to make him a complaint, and for the purpose of clarification of problems of the child. Because of what specifically there are problems: he easily distracts, or inattentively listens, or he is occupied more by communication with someone from schoolmates. Depending on conditions in each case it is necessary to work individually. It is possible to ask for suggestions the teacher or the school psychologist if such is available.

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