Communication barriers

Communication barriers

Rather often in life of people such situations when they remain misunderstood turn out. It would seem, all talk in one language, then why there is a misunderstanding?

By communication everyone both transfers information, and receives. However semantic loading is born not only words - the huge role is played also by a mimicry, gestures, intonation. For this reason information is not always perceived truly, interfere with it so-called barriers of communication.

What is communication barriers?

Barriers of communication call obstacles in a way of understanding of the interlocutor. And obstacles can have absolutely different character as rejection of information in the course of communication is influenced by many factors. Depending on these factors there is also a classification of barriers of communication.

Types of barriers of communication

Interaction barriers, barriers of perception and understanding, and also communicative barriers of communication belong to main types of barriers of communication.

For example, the motivational barrier can arise between interlocutors if one is interested in a conversation subject, and another – is interested in other subject. Therefore it is important to understand from the very beginning what concerns your interlocutor, and not just you. The famous psychologist, Dale Carnegie, said that if you go fishing, then it is necessary to take worms, but not candies. In other words, try to penetrate into the friend's problem, and not just you speak about the.

A lot of things in a conversation depend also on psychological barriers in communication. For example, the girl never had a father (parents divorced) therefore she, in communication with an opposite sex, will feel confusion which, in turn, can be accepted for unwillingness to make contact.

Psychological barriers in communication are too individual that they could be defined at first sight. It is important if the person himself tries to understand that he prevents it to become the free, open personality. Overcoming barriers in communication is possible at any age as the main thing, at last, to find out that it is an obstacle between you and your interlocutor. And both psychological injuries, and the education received in family can be the causes of barriers of communication, besides, even the character of the person, his attitude towards people in general can become defining.

How to break a communication barrier?

To tell what will help specifically with your case, nobody remotely will be able. However you always to help with forces to yourself – now, communicating, speak dialogue about yourself. Try to understand what served that you were not understood? Or, maybe, what provoked a quarrel though you even did not think to swear?

Unfortunately, now very few people think that the explanation manner, but not a thought of which you would like to inform happens the cause of conflict. Difficulties and barriers of communication are almost synonyms, be ready that a lot of things in itself should be changed. Expectation from the partner of a certain reaction can even become a barrier to effective communication. However you should not measure by the measure the person who in many respects differs from you. Another should not add both positive, and negative qualities, be objective. Do not think that your interlocutor guesses what you actually feel. Be ready also that the partner can keep back something about the real feelings.

There is one more moment: if your opponent behaves as it is not pleasant to you, it is not necessary to think that he feels to you hostility. Can quite be what it or his mask (you remember Andre Maurois's expression – the mask runs the show?), or it just such behavior which though does not meet with your approval however has full authority for existence.

Actually, barriers of communication is an obstacle only until, so far you did not think as them to overcome. It is more than practice, attention to the interlocutor, sincere interest in what you are told, and a half of a problem will be solved!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team