Darling threw: how to worry

Darling threw: how to worry

It is always difficult to endure parting with darling, however there are several ways of disposal of meek feelings which cause you troubles.


1. If you were thrown by the favourite young man, it is not necessary to become reserved and to remain alone with the experiences. Surround yourself with people for whom you are not indifferent, share with them the grief and the thoughts. Now you need to be uttered and feel someone's support and empathy. You walk with the friends, flirt with other men. You have to feel attractive and desired again.

2. Find to yourself occupation which will be able to distract you from negative emotions and thoughts. Learn to knit a hook, to cross stitch, begin to write the book, study fundamentals of cookery, change clothes, self-improve, learn foreign languages, sign up for courses of dances, visit beauty shop, plunge into work which not only will distract you, but also will bring material benefit. All your free time has to be taken. Sports activities remarkably help to splash out negative emotions, rage and anger. Struggle with a stress in any ways.

3. Exempt the house from any things which remind you of the former beloved. You will throw out gifts which it once gave you, remove all joint photos, erase messages. In your apartment has to tell nothing about its last presence at it. Avoid visit of places in which you were together, otherwise memoirs will disturb to you to a shower. And to go somewhere, where you can accidentally face your former, too it is not necessary. Any meeting is capable to hurt you and to cause a storm of negative emotions.

4. Do not drive yourself in a depression listening of sad lyrical musical compositions, viewing romantic movies. Your mood which was already fairly spoiled should not spoil even stronger. Give preference to dance music and cheerful comedies, maybe, even to fighters or horrors.

5. Look for good points in your parting. If earlier you had no time for communication with friends, now you are free as wind. You can light completely yourself to hobby. From now on before you there are no bans and borders, you have the right to do everything that you will wish.

6. Do not try to revenge somehow at all to the guy who hurt you. Just release him from the life and wish him good luck. From revenge it will definitely not become easier for you, but negative emotions will overflow you with a new force. Besides, it is possible, you should expect reciprocal meanness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team