Extrovert and introvert

Extrovert and introvert

In psychology there are two most widespread indicators of measurement of type of the personality especially different from each other is an extrovert and the introvert.

Talkative, open, courageous and brave people who direct the vital energy to the outside world treat extroverts.

Introverts are people more hidden and reserved, preferring to stay alone.

How to define and distinguish the extrovert from the introvert?

To define what type of character the person treats, just it is necessary to observe his reactions to various life situations.

The difference of the extrovert from the introvert is defined by the fact that such qualities as emotionality, courage, determination are characteristic of the extrovert. Such people love the noisy companies more, to be the focus of attention. These are active persons who seek for leadership in everything. The glory and recognition of their merits are important for them.

The privacy, pensiveness and absorption in themselves is characteristic of introverts. They are quiet and judicious that helps them with the certain life situations or spheres of work demanding concentration and the analysis.

Compatibility of the extrovert and introvert

It should be noted that most of happy families consist of opposite types of the personality. Thus they supplement each other.

It will be boring for two introverts together as none of them will be able to show an initiative.

Extroverts can also have difficult relations as they are very emotional, not to do without the juicy scandals and showdowns.

It is the best of all if in family there are different representatives of psychological type of the personality. In everyone there are positive and negative qualities and to them will be what to learn each other.

Extroverts are brave and resolute that is less peculiar to introverts. But, unlike extroverts, they are quiet and counterbalanced, are able to control the emotions.

Extrovert, introvert, ambivert

Besides the concepts extrovert and introvert, in psychology is still амбиверт to which it is possible to refer most of people. Ambivert is the personality having an average value between extra- and an introversion. Such people have traits of character, are peculiar to both one, and other psychological type. Such people feel comfortable as in society, and alone. They express the emotions differently, depending on a situation.

It should be noted that clean extroverts and introverts are not enough. Usually qualities are inherent in people, are characteristic to both types, just some prevail over others.

Whether the introvert can become an extrovert?

People often got used to consider introverts the constraining and closed persons, but it not always so. Introverts are, first of all, people who scoop for themselves energy, staying alone, having a rest from society. While extroverts receive it from communication.

Of course, the introvert can learn to act on public, to communicate with different people. Its work can be connected with it. But, unlike the extrovert, he from it will be tired and spend the energy, but not to fill up it. Proceeding from it, after long communication, to it some time alone will want to retire, stay to restore forces.

It is important to note that the introversion is not a shortcoming of which it is necessary to get rid. It is congenital personal line which remains invariable throughout all life. You should not try to change it. It is better to be oneself and to accept the personality as the value and advantage, turning shortcomings into advantages.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team