Family - as a living organism

Family - as a living organism

The family is based on three types of the relations: matrimony, roditelstvo, relationship.


1. Life of each of her members depends on what relations in family develop. Especially it concerns younger generation. The model of their future family happiness is put with the first steps and is based on already available relationship of mother and father as relatively each other, and the children.

2. Each family represents small social and psychological group which develops on the basis of deeply intimate and trusting relationship between spouses, parents and children. To preserve love, young spouses need to seize the culture of a dispute and resolution of conflict consisting in ability, on the one hand, with deep arguments to express the opinion, without raising the voice and without offending the partner, and on the other hand, in ability to recognize correctness of another, abilities to submit to this correctness. At the same time it is impossible ""to pass to the personality at all"", to resort to mutual recriminations and the more so to insults. Spouses have to at the same time consciously try not to give in to negative emotions, not to forget about mutual respect, to remember that each of them is faced by a task not ""to insist on the"", not to achieve at any cost a victory in a dispute, and to establish the truth, to make useful both decision. For this purpose important not only to listen carefully that tells another and to seek to understand it, but also to be able to put itself on its place, to listen to own arguments ""his ears"". At last, readiness to concede each other, to make a compromise is very important.

3. Love, desire to be together or egoism, desire to defend the opinion at any cost, to be ""main thing"", to subordinate the partner to the interests. The family as a living organism, is in the constant movement and development. Each new day is anotheranother step on the way to unity and proximity. Each stage and crisis is a check of feelings and durability of the relations. But keeping love, trust and desire to be together, any family will manage to cope with all tests and will only strengthen the relations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team