Fear of butterflies

Fear of butterflies

Some people consider butterflies beautiful and lovely beings who cause only positive emotions. Others at the sight of this insect have a wild sensation of fear and panic.

One of the most rare phobias is fear of butterflies which from the medical point of view, is called not differently as a lepidopterofobiya.

Phobia nature

Chronic stresses or the increased uneasiness and also other frustration can be the reasons of fear of butterflies. Besides, the phobia or fear of butterflies could arise in the childhood. At early age when the child sees before himself an unknown insect, he does not know how to react to it and it can generate fear. Especially, if further he observes that adults react with hostility to this being.

Also unpleasant feelings of a butterfly can be caused when, for example, the child was told some terrifying stories about insects or there was an ill treatment of this being from parents, relatives or close acquaintances. Collecting of butterflies could have negative emotional impact, including if the child at least once observed an agony of an insect.

It is a little about symptoms of fear of butterflies

For the person the symptoms of this phobia can be shown in the form of unpleasant feeling, for example, fastidiousness and disgust from touch of wings or pads. And the feeling of the real panic and fear that the butterfly flies nearby or even at the type of this being is possible.

How to overcome fear?

Any phobias prevent to live normally therefore it is necessary to struggle with them. When it becomes terrible, it is necessary to try to get it together and to calm down. Having deeply inhaled, to think that this being will not do any harm therefore you should not panic at its look. Of course, from the first it will not turn out to keep completely calm therefore it is possible to consider periodically pictures with this insect and to learn to control the emotions.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team