Fear of loneliness

Fear of loneliness

The person – a being social therefore the fear to remain to one, to some extent, is put in each of us at the genetic level. For the person the stay in the company of similar provides survival and rather comfortable existence (both in household, and in social meanings). The fear of loneliness is more natural at women, than at men that it is caused by distinction of their social and biological roles.

The fear of loneliness, in a sense, ensures our safety including social, and it is normal. Another matter, when it comes to panic conditions of fear of loneliness, that is about a phobia which is suffered quite by adults not only women, but also men.

Let's think how to get rid of fear of loneliness and whether it is necessary to get rid of it completely.

Panic reasons

One of the reasons of a panic of loneliness is insufficiency of personal development. If the person is not self-sufficient, cannot feel fully as the independent personality, he, having remained alone with himself, begins to be anxious because is afraid of responsibility of independent manifestations and decisions. Manifestation of herd instinct, typical for the representative of conformist society. It is easier for such people when think for them (not important, who: Lord, companion Stalin, the parent, the spouse, the chief and even the child, sometimes also bring him for this purpose).

For harmoniously developed, complete personality the rare moments of loneliness – a positive opportunity will concentrate and to think of something in details and independently. It is possible to be engaged in self-development, study something, meditation, contemplation of fine.

How to overcome fear of loneliness?

Let's consider nevertheless how to overcome a loneliness panic.

You become an adult, struggle with suspiciousness and diffidence.

Expand a circle of acquaintances, communicate with different people more (better with interesting and decent, and, there is definitely nobody).

Flight in senseless communication – not the best exit.

Learn to communicate with the nature and animals.

You go back to wisdom, for this purpose be engaged in self-education.

Find to yourself interesting occupation, will be afraid then once.

And the main thing, try to understand, the loneliness – it is normal. That to overcome it, it is not necessary to fight against it and to defeat him. Cope with yourself, fall in love with yourself, learn to enjoy loneliness, and people to you will stretch because you will become the interesting person.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team