Friendship between the man and the woman - psychology

Friendship between the man and the woman - psychology

The friendship psychology between the man and the woman occupies minds of many people long ago. The possibility of its existence was investigated by scientists and drew quite unambiguous conclusions, however among ordinary women and men the opinions are shared about 50 on 50. Let's consider a scientific view on this question.

Friendship between the man and the woman

Since the time of Freud, friendship between the man and the woman is considered the myth. According to a psychology view of this problem, such feeling as friendship, arises only in the presence of sympathy between two people. You will not be on friendly terms with the one who is not pleasant to you externally or whose intellectual level does not meet your expectations. And some psychologists claim that even between same-sex friends there is always subconscious and extramental sexual desire which any heterosexual person also perceives as friendly feelings to another. If to consider it in heterosexual couple, then the sympathy which arose at one person to another will inevitably lead to love emergence. Therefore it is impossible to speak about existence of friendship between the man and the woman – fellow workers. It either the superficial friendly relations, or one of them has to another more strong feelings and hopes to pass through a stage of friendship to the serious relations.

Friendship after the relations

There is one more option of relationship between the man and the woman which it is possible to call friendly. It is friendship after the relations. When the fire of passion dies away, but in tastes, outlooks on life, hobbies of two people remains much in common, they can become friends. Such friendship can break up after a while when each of the former partners finds the half, and can exist and for many years. However in such union there is always a possibility of resumption of romantic communication which already existed between two people.

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