Friendship between the man and the woman - where to look for a dirty trick

Friendship between the man and the woman - where to look for a dirty trick

""She is my friend and I have full authority to spend with it a free time"" - as many women can hear similar words in the relations or even already in the taken place family. Who is guilty also what to do and whether something is necessary in general decides to do everyone, but practice shows that to remain indifferent to such situation is not necessary.

Real girlfriend or threat to the relations

For a start it is necessary to understand whether the girlfriend just is a girlfriend or after all it needs to be considered as potential threat for your relations.Each of us puts different concepts in definition of the word ""friendship"". For some is a frequent communication, not important, in sad or cheerful occasions, daily correspondence, the help with economy according to the first requirement, maintenance in thematic shops which assortment the woman allegedly understands also without it a little, the loyal friend, she will not cope in any way and so forth. For others are congratulations on holidays and rare, as a rule, in an environment of other people, meetings. The girlfriend from the second situation is really safe and will hardly be able to become a stumbling block for your relations, and here it is better to neutralize the girlfriend from the first situation at once.

Informal conversation

First of all your relations concern only two - you and your man. You should not implicate the third party in family trials, to hold any hidden talk with it or especially to threaten behind the back of the elect. Such actions, first, call into question in his eyes your self-confidence, and men do not love diffident women, secondly, it will prove to the potential competitor once again that it on a right way, time you think that your half sympathizes with it. 

Choose a right moment when his head is not stuffed by foreign problems, make a tasty dinner and in romantic atmosphere start a conversation about friends and girlfriends in general. Then somehow easy pass to that person because of whom you, actually, also started all, and tell about your wishes further. Wishes, but not requirements - it is important! Thereby you will not cause aggression, and once again will show the femininity and will show as you are in its attention and care in great need. The loving man will hear you and will minimize communication with such girlfriends. 

It is bad if the situation does not change, means the reason it is necessary to look for already more deeply, but not in the importunate girlfriend who with pleasure would appear on your place.

If your relations only begin and you notice pseudo-girlfriends in its environment, then the task becomes simpler. You should not worry strongly about it since for men who were in the free relations or at all without them presence at life of such women it is rather a norm, and over time, when forming a clear boundary of you, all meetings with so-called girlfriends will come to naught. Only the correct approach and ability to quietly conduct dialogue is necessary, without going to far in the rules and requirements.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team