How to achieve mutual understanding in the relations

How to achieve mutual understanding in the relations

Formation of new family, creation of the strong, stable relations - process long and difficult. On this way the set of "reefs" can trap you. That difficulties did not break off your arising union, it is important to understand and support each other.

1. In the relations a mess? Bring order to the house. The situation which surrounds the person is capable to influence his mentality. Perhaps, in your relations something will clear up if you just tide up the apartment.

2. Why to try to obtain mutual understanding if there are no common interests and affairs? Break "Iron Curtain" between you, meet halfway each other. Be engaged in common in the fact that it is interesting to both of you: you go to a skating rink, at cinema, theater. Try to prepare together something tasty and original, collect a big beautiful mosaic.

3. Remember how your novel began for what you fell in love with the soulmate. Also compare to what you wait from the relations now for. Perhaps, you fell in love with an image which was thought up, and now it is not pleasant to you that the reality does not correspond to your idealistic expectations.

4. But even in this case it is possible to achieve mutual understanding. Take a closer look attentively at the spouse. What, actually, in him does not suit you what causes your irritation? And now place emphasis on its advantages. Think whether your fieriness in trifles is worth it to lose such good person.

5. Come to internal consensus: agree with yourself that you will not pay attention to any small shortcomings of the partner. Scroll mentally the scenario of how you will begin to react to serious "misses" of the spouse. Program yourself for that role which seems to you correct.

6. You do not keep emotion in yourself, state them openly. Certainly, in quiet, reserved tones. Verbal communication for this purpose is also thought up by mankind that people understood each other better. And who will understand you if you are silent and save everything in yourself?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team