How to achieve the relations with the guy

How to achieve the relations with the guy

Probably, the situation when he passes is familiar to each woman is a hero of your dreams and desires, and at you heart without restraint knocks, and the reason refuses to work. You are concentrated only on one - desire to win his heart, I smother him.


1. First of all, it is necessary to define, the guy is how dear to you. For what purpose you will try to obtain him? For flirtation and short pastime or for the serious and strong relations. It is also necessary to estimate whether the guy is worth it that you spent on him the time.

2. If you decided on the purposes and the candidate, that time to take a detached view of itself. What you? What can you attract the elect with? In each woman there has to be what will allocate her from crowd, some kind of "highlight" which will give you irresistibility. You have to look after carefully yourself, remain stylish and fashionable under any circumstances. You need to be cheerful, resourceful, naughty, not to hesitate of male attention and always to smile. The last very much attracts men.

3. When the acquaintance stage already passed, and you were satisfied with a conversation with each other, it is a high time to show to you an initiative in communication. Let the elect will get used to you. Write every day him small messages with wishes of kind morning or good night within 7-10 days, and then sharply stop writing, explaining it with the fact that you have some malfunctions with phone. Here you will see - its reaction to your actions will not remain unnoticed.

4. So, a little you could tame him to yourself. But do not go too far, do not bother and be not imposed to him. Let's the man win itself. By nature all men hunters, and "easy mark" is not interesting to them at all. Allow it to look after you beautifully: let him give you flowers, invites in restaurants or to cultural events.

5. Having stayed with the elect a certain amount of time, you have to move away from it a little. Be always mysterious, unpredictable and mysterious for it. Let him never know up to the end about your intentions.

6. That the man did not doubt about the choice in your advantage, surround yourself with few admirers. Let considers that his woman (that is you) attracts interest and of other males.

7. If to the elect you have strong feelings, do not show them to him as he has to fall in love with you, but not you with him. Show it that you the strong woman whose love needs to achieve. And only worthy will be near you.

8. And, at last, the last. If you want your man completely to be in love with you, then you should disclose in yourself sexuality. The more you will open yourself, the will be more attractive to look from outside. And the attractive woman cannot but leave a mark in the man's soul.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team