How to ask forgiveness for darling

How to ask forgiveness for darling

He smokes on a balcony already the third cigarette in a row, and you ten stir minutes sugar a spoon. The conflicting parties took a waiting attitude. The fighting task is to compel the opponent to apologize. But listen to yourself: maybe at heart (as usual, it is very deep) you already decided to take the first step to reconciliation?


1. For a start estimate conflict depth, appropriate it complexity degree. For example: 3 of 5 possible, and later begin to solve a problem code-named "the World. Friendship. Chewing gum". You need not just to ask about forgiveness. Your purpose is to improve the relations with the person whom you love above all.

2. If properly to think of everything, then the quarrel will not seem such terrible and unpromising. The majority of the arising conflicts - moderate severity. Having realized it, you pass to the second step – lower degree of the importance of the incident even more. When the quarrel, so your sense of guilt, pulls a maximum on half-point from five, it becomes much simpler to work with it.

3. It is quite possible that nobody in is guilty: you just were tired, did not get enough sleep, told superfluous. It's clear that all of us are not angels, but to you it is not necessary to break life because of this obvious fact! Therefore the following step you have to, figuratively saying, to come to a balcony. That is as much as possible to approach an object, remaining at the same time at safe distance.

4. A step the third – start talking. Words – not the main thing, is much more important to choose the correct tone. It should not be fawning or, on the contrary, with "arrival" at all. Try to speak exactly and quietly, looking in eyes to the interlocutor. You can touch his hand. It is very important not to plunge into the abyss of the conflict again and therefore it is better to avoid delicate topics and judgments.

5. And the most important - tell it what love! This point is so important that it on the importance crosses out all others. You can at once, throw the arms round without excess thoughts and words to darling a neck and to make an avowal of sentiments, but for obtaining the guaranteed result it is better to pass a way of reconciliation step by step.

6. Unfortunately, many couples broke up because of false installation that apology is equal to humiliation. And actually, when we sincerely apologize, we rise over a situation and over an ego - the and the partner. Understanding comes that before us the ordinary person with the fears and complexes. These are its nedolyubil in the childhood mother with the father and the chief with the deputy underestimated at work yesterday. And by and large, to it to spit regarding your dispute. He only wants love, attention and that treated with "chewing gum". In your forces to give it to him

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