How to be an imperious woman

How to be an imperious woman

The imperious woman has special attractiveness. The internal force and determination quite often attract much more, than lovely appearance and beautiful clothes. Develop in yourself qualities of the imperious woman, and new vital prospects will be offered you.


1. Try to follow the principles. Your personal system of values – the main catalyst of any given acts. For example, if you do not take out obscene language, smoking at the presence, poor performed work or service, always hold the ground. Gradually people around will remember your behavior and for certain will begin to reckon with your principles and requirements.

2. Deal with the desires and life priorities. Set specific goals and reach them. The passivity, laziness, indecision will hardly be able to be the qualities characteristic of the masterful man. Internal energy and ability to try to obtain the attracts therefore thanks to such qualities you will be able to influence other people.

3. Develop organizing abilities and you learn to make decisions quickly. Even if you do not hold a senior position, similar qualities will cause respect of people around. Courage in acts, determination, the sequence - all this will allow people to follow you and to listen to your opinion.

4. Do not allow to manipulate you. Try to distinguish people who seek to do it. Overtime work, infinite requests of relatives, a peculiar blackmail from close people: the similar moments will happen much less often if you stop them right at the beginning.

5. You learn to operate men and by means of own weakness. Do not raise weights, do not undertake the most complex work, do not get involved in the conflicts: allow your satellite to show the force and courage. Being imperious, you can easily remain fragile and womanly, and it is not less powerful arsenal.

6. Do not forget about external attributes of the imperious woman. A correct posture, well trained voice, fine gestures: the similar moments will make your image the fullest and harmonious.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team