How to be if darling has a wife

How to be if darling has a wife

Not always life develops as you planned or as you drew it to yourself in dreams. Darling can be married. What you will do, having got into such situation, to solve only to you, but a good advice superfluous does not happen.


1. The man for many reasons can hide the marriage — from dissatisfaction in sex to serious problems in relationship with the wife. But the happy person in family life loving the spouse will never remove a wedding ring from the finger. If it turned out so that your darling is married, learn for what reason he hid it. Talk frankly how it was sick, find out its plans concerning you.

2. Will not prevent to understand the feelings to it too. What do you test? Perhaps you are simply in love, and this euphoria will end soon. Perhaps the offense does not allow you to look in eyes of reality and to understand that this person at all not the one who is necessary to you.

3. If you love it gently and all the heart, talk to the man about his marriage, about the problems which arose in its family life. He hesitates to tell the unloved wife long ago that he met another? Whether there are no other reasons of his indecision? Inform it of a thought that you do not want to share it with other woman. If both of you are sure of the feelings to each other, try to overcome all difficulties of a divorce together. Help darling, prompt the correct words which he will tell the wife that not to offend her, and encourage him.

4. Happens that the man does not want to get divorced, explaining the decision with unwillingness to be engaged in papers and the section of property. Really, there are people whom the prospect of judicial dismantling just frightens. You do not press too strongly, darling can break under the weight of problems which pulled hard on it from all directions. Embrace him strong and gently and tell that loving it it is so strong, you want to call him the husband, want to hope for it in any second, want to give birth to the child similar to it. Gradually he will calm down and will make everything correctly — will be engaged in a divorce and arrangement of the life with you.

5. Well, and if you were just a toy and the next adventure for the married lady's man, try to forget him as soon as possible. It is sick and offensive, but anything else it is impossible to make — there is such type of men, you were not lucky to appear on its way. It will be unpleasant experience, but he will teach you to much. Cry, talk to girlfriends, be engaged in shopping, replace a hairstyle, gradually life will get better, and shortly you will meet the prince.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team