How to be when darling betrayed

How to be when darling betrayed

It is unlikely someone can apprehend treachery of darling with ease. Irrespective of whether you decide to leave after that or you will try to keep the relations, just try to endure this difficult period.


1. If darling packed things and slammed behind himself a door, you should not keep in yourself pain and offense. Give vent to them: cry, a potopayta legs, a povykrikivayta offensive words or beat a pillow. To restore composure, not one day can be required. But how long will be this process, depends only on you. Exhausting negative emotions deep into, creating visibility of tranquility, you only damage the health.

2. Do not begin to feel sorry for yourself at all – to abandon the role of the victim it will be difficult. Imagine better how many free time at you will appear now. Think how you will be able to spend it with advantage for yourself. At last you will begin to visit fitness club or the pool, more time you will begin to spend with girlfriends or the family, you will be engaged in a learning of foreign languages. Tell yourself: "I open the new and fine page of the life". Repeat these words more often.

3. Try to get new friends, those which would not know your former. Communication with them will help you to distract and forget it. Throw out or remove from eyes down with all things which would remind of the person who betrayed you. Work can become rescue from a stress: arrange yourself such intense schedule that there was no time left for experiences because of unfortunate private life.

4. If all of you decided to forgive darling and to give your relations one more chance, then try to forget about the incident. Now to you it is heavy, but this period of life should be passed just courageously. Pour out the mental anguish, having talked to the man frankly. Abstaining from charges, tell him only about the feelings. Together you descend on consultation to the psychologist. Organize yourself a romantic trip, having gone somewhere where never before were together. Positive emotions will help you to update the relations and to get rid of heavy memoirs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team