How to be when the love leaves

How to be when the love leaves

There are no magic inspiring feelings any more. It does not mean that the true love has to turn life into everlasting peace with castles in the air. But if you are sure that you can quietly live without this person – there is no love.

It would seem, everything is good, the words of love are still told to the partner. But gradually recognitions turn into a habit, and meetings become more and more similar to usual walks with friends. It is sad – parting cannot but upset. But it is not so bad – the destiny itself chooses for you the partner in life, and, having met him, you cannot lose him. He will always be in your life or at least in heart.


Do not try to hold the running-away love. It is not yours, and the person this not yours. Wait until the destiny sends you your real half, and the puzzle of heart will be built.

Partner mistakes

Let's present that two persons intended for each other met, learned all sweet of love, more than once were convinced that they really are each other halves. It is possible to call this couple ideal? Yes. Even without having understood what quarrels at them happen what relations at them, it is possible to call them ideal couple safely. The ideal is that two parts of a puzzle connect correctly. And if it so, you do not release the partner. Unfortunately, a quarrel and misunderstanding quite often break the quiet atmosphere, couples break up. But after a while people begin to understand that they are ready nearly for everything if only to return this love. Only it already becomes almost impossible. And what then to do? If such mistake is not made yet, be ready to forgive the half. Remember that the person can be mistaken, and sometime the mistake is made also by you, and then it is necessary to look for forgiveness at close people. If you already left: 1. take courage; 2. call; 3. apologize and forgive him / her, tell that this person is too dear to you here so to release. Let know that you are resolutely adjusted to return the relations; 4. make an appointment; 5. discuss everything confidentially and leave all bitterness in the past.

It's over

Sometimes the destiny changes the scenario of life, changing also her main characters. When treachery creeps in in the relations, already little it is possible to correct. And the point is not that this too big obstacle for lovers. Only one of two is just sincerely in love. Time, new hobbies and old friends can save such victim. Time will gradually remove memoirs, new occupations will take all free time (which is spent usually on reflections about cancelled love, listening of sad music and dreams to leave far away from all), and good old friends will help from a depression.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team