How to become happy couple

How to become happy couple

There are no ideal relations on light, it is the fact. But nevertheless some couples during ""the period of storm"" break up, and others only become stronger. In what a secret?

Actually, an essence not that happy couples do not quarrel or are too similar. Just they are able to solve the conflicts in a few other ways and in general look at the relations in a different way.

1. In happy couple the partners recognize that they need in each other

In modern society other approach is cultivated absolutely. Now inspire in people that to love someone and to depend on someone - means to be weak that it is necessary to try to be strong and independent, despite everything. People are ashamed of the need for love and care though it is put in us by the nature.

Partners need happy couple in the friend the friend and do not hide it. They do not stesntsya to tell: ""You are necessary to me" "or" "I want to know that you love me despite everything"". Such behavior is not perceived as a weak point. Besides, such expression of the requirements is much more productive, than reproaches.

2. In happy couples of disagreement cannot destroy the relation

All people different, and all their outlooks on life are various too. It concerns all spheres: finance, segregation of duties on the house, leisure, education of children, etc. Happy couples do not argue whose position is right and whose is not present. They openly discuss the views during dialogue, but do not argue on it. Such partners try to reach compromise that won both, but not to come to such decision when one appears the winner, and another the loser. In such couples both parties partners, but not rivals.

3. In happy couples the partners are able to recognize the mistakes

This principle means a little more, than just ability to recognize a wrongfulness. Partners not to be afraid to look vulnerable, they understand that recognition of a mistake should not lower a self-assessment and vice versa. They are always ready to apologize if they hurt the partner, or are ready to hear from the partner not that they wanted. Showing respect for the partner and a priznav the responsibility, such couples can build up stronger and happy relationship, prinosshchy pleasure to both from them.

4. In happy couples the egoism passes into the background

In happy couples the people listen to each other and are ready to give to the partner the chance to be oneself, even when his personal qualities appear not at height. The relations for such couples are life priority, personal disagreements cannot undermine them. People listen and hear each other, accept what is important for the partner and always try to renounce personal interests if it does well to the relations.

5. In happy couples appreciate each other

Partners do not take each other for granted, they are grateful and appreciate every instant, carried out together. Such love cures souls of people. When the partner sees that you appreciate him, it means to him that you made out his best qualities. Besides, such couples appreciate what they have. They set common goals and move to them, but at the same time do not forget and to enjoy the moment.

6. In happy couples are able to forgive

In happy couples the people do not conceal offenses. They should not experience offense again and again. Such approach destroys the relations, gradually changing your attitude towards the partner. Happy couples sort at once a situation in which one offended another, and do it in a constructive manner. Or, if they decided not to bring up some question, really forgive each other, but do not nurse rage and a grievance that then it is unexpected to splash out.

In happy couples the people hurt each other too, but they approach solution to the conflicts with love and sympathy. In it the main difference of happy couples from unfortunate also consists.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team