How to behave when changed you

How to behave when changed you

Often women cannot forgive treason, but owing to some circumstances it is necessary to make it. When also darling betrayed the road, it is very heavy to reject offense. But it is necessary to look really at life. It is necessary to consider everything, to talk to the soulmate. The patience, wisdom, love will be able to keep the relations.


1. If you learned about treason of the darling, do not make a row to jealousy. Hide offense though treachery is very heavy to forgive. In a quiet situation talk to the soulmate. Learn why it happened. Perhaps, your behavior pushed him on a wrong move. Often men change women because were tired of reproaches, scandals.

2. Quite often young people go on such extreme step as treason when the child appears. The woman gives all the love, attention to such hard period to small. And the man needs care, understanding too. Therefore think, what do you think of the soulmate. Analyze the behavior. Put yourself on its place. Of course, it is difficult to find in itself some minuses. But try to make it, it is about preservation of family.

3. Change in yourself traits of character which do not suit your man. If you the intolerant, cold woman, make tender, quiet. If you understand that became worse to look with the advent of the kid, go to hairdressing salon and do beautiful hair. Do some shopping, pick up to yourself beautiful clothes. Make a tasty dinner and appear before the young man in a new image. It is possible that your relations will move to other level, and treason will remain behind.

4. If your soulmate regrets a perfect act, give a chance to her to improve. Try to forget offense, only wise people can keep the relations.

5. When you understand that you cannot forgive treason, it is better to break off the relations. Every time at the sight of darling you will imagine how it was with other woman. After parting endure the period when to you it is very bad without soulmate. You look forward, trust only in good. You build the life. And with the person who betrayed you a strong family cannot be started.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team