How to behave with the ex-girlfriend of your guy

How to behave with the ex-girlfriend of your guy

Practically each guy has an ex-girlfriend, but only from it it is not easier for his present darling. From time to time she should meet the ex-girlfriend of darling, and quite often there are very unpleasant situations. But if to develop certain tactics of behavior, then the discomfort can be avoided.

The ex-girlfriend of the guy it becomes frequent real "headache", former feelings can flash again. However you should not suffer jealousy as it is possible to take some actions which will help to eliminate the competitor forever.

Friendly relations

With the ex-girlfriend of the guy it is necessary to build up the friendly relationship. Thanks to them it will be possible to ingratiate with her and to be aware of its affairs and plans. Not to suffer from jealousy attacks, it is necessary to spend with it more time, so it will be possible also to look after the potential competitor. Coffee can invite, for example, her to drink and to chat in cafe, and it is better to do shopping together. Such communication very much brings together, and it is possible, she will believe in sincerity of the relations and will not make attempts to return the former beloved. Useful will be to make by it several favors which it will need very much. However will be to find the best way on it a compromising evidence, undoubtedly, it quite difficultly, but under certain circumstances such opportunity should not miss.


If it is not possible to construct the friendly relations with the ex-girlfriend of the guy, then it is possible just to ignore her. However in certain situations to make it not easy. So, being among mutual friends, it is necessary to keep up the conversation and to answer her questions. But if to show sharpness, then it is possible to expose every time it in unattractive light. Here only here it is necessary to be very erudite, otherwise it is possible to turn out on its place that it will be very unpleasant. If tactics of the full ignore list was chosen, then it is necessary to try to meet less it, but it threatens with the fact that it is necessary to reduce communication with mutual friends to a minimum that not always turns out.

Declaration of war

When the ex-girlfriend of your guy tries to return it to herself, to sit, idly does not follow. It is necessary to put her into place, it is possible even very rudely that she understood that it remained in the past. Of course, then real war can begin, but it can be won, it is necessary to involve all the charm only. First of all it is necessary to watch himself and to look always excellent, then the guy just will not look in its party. In the presence of the competitor it is possible to make her innocent remarks which will wound her self-esteem. It is also possible to agree with the guy to ignore her, then she will soon lag behind as it will be convinced that here nothing shines it.

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