How to behave with the husband's mistress

How to behave with the husband's mistress

Even the quiet, cool woman for certain will feel a shock, having learned that the husband has a mistress. What to tell about temperamental, emotional ladies. The deceived wife quite often feels strong temptation to teach a good lesson the competitor, up to manhandling. Properly it is clear. But it is necessary to introduce amendments in the life after all.


1. If you want to keep family, you need to calm down and solve: how to behave with the husband's mistress as a result to gain a victory over her? Main rule: do not follow the tastes of emotions! Emotions can push you to acts which will do you harm. Therefore how it was difficult, try to get it together.

2. Do not fall before physically to deal with the husband's mistress. First, it just unworthy civilized person. Secondly, it can be stronger, and then you will suffer, and its actions will be regarded as lawful self-defense. Thirdly, you can be brought to trial. At last, you will look in the opinion of the husband the spiteful jealous hysterical woman.

3. It is also not necessary to discredit the mistress, extending about her slander. And especially do not try to move to pity her, reproaching that it breaks family. Even if the mistress will feel confusion, awkwardness, hardly she will decide to stop communication with your husband. The woman dreams of personal happiness. Besides she can parry your reproaches, complaints an irresistible argument: "Itself it is guilty, to the husband with you it would be good, he would not change you!"

4. Defeat the mistress her weapon. Try to find the answer to the main issue: why in general there was a treason of the husband in what the mistress is better than you? Honestly and impartially estimate the appearance, analyze the behavior (including, in the intimate sphere of life). Even if the mistress is younger and more beautiful than you – do not despair, it is still possible to correct.

5. If your figure "blurred", start working out, correct food, having removed from a diet greasy food, sweets. Pick up an original hairstyle, a make-up, update clothes. Resolutely refuse shapeless dressing gowns and raznoshenny house a slipper even if they are very comfortable. The husband has to see in you the attractive, beautiful woman again.

6. If you always treated intimate proximity as a conjugal duty, it is no wonder that the husband brought the mistress. Try to behave in a bed more relaxedly, freely. Find and read literature on technology of sex, whenever possible you descend on consultation to the sexopathologist.

7. If you were too exacting, imperious, captious, "suppressed" the husband, introduce cardinal amendments in the behavior. You watch yourself, try to become quieter, compliant, benevolent. And then sooner or later the husband will make a choice between you and the mistress in your advantage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team