How to catch on treason

How to catch on treason

Trust - the main component of marriage and strong families. However spouses sometimes begin to suspect each other of treason if someone from them behaves strange and detached.


1. To catch darling on treason, it is rather simple to pay attention on his behavior. Perhaps, in it something changed and became suspicious. Perhaps, your soulmate began to be late at work or to leave in business trips which were not earlier. Check whether someone appeared at it, except you. For this purpose it is possible to come to the place of work of your spouse or spouse by then when the working day has to end. After you see that this person left office, track it and look where it will go.

2. The second sign of emergence in the relations of some third party - change of appearance. For example, your girl began a thicket to visit beauty shops, to update clothes, or your man bought new perfume, began to have a shave daily longer than usual selects a suit and a tie. If you noticed, similar behavior, be on the lookout.

3. In case ofIn case of doubts concerning fidelity of your soulmate, begin to monitor attentively phone calls and incoming calls which can be dumped when you are together. Perhaps, your husband or the wife began to leave to other room that with someone to talk or respond to the message. The password put on phone or the laptop if before it was not, can become some kind of alarm signal too. To convict the beloved of treason, try to find a way to take its mobile or the computer, perhaps, there will be numbers unfamiliar to you or even photos.

4. Pay attention to what occurs in your sexual relations. If your partner behaves strange, for example, shows you some new skills and tricks, wishes less often or, on the contrary, more often it is caused to enter with you intimate relationship, most likely, emergence of a new object of desire. the only problem is that you will not be able to show anything to darling, he anyway can find to himself justification, having told that watched erotic movies and decided to try to bring something new in your close relations.

5. One more sign of treason is increase in expenses of the man or emergence of new gifts in the woman. Independently it will be rather difficult to prove the treason fact in this case therefore it is possible to try to address the private detective who will arrange shadowing to your soulmate. However be going to spend for it the decent sum of money.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team