How to check genetic compatibility

How to check genetic compatibility

The genetic compatibility of spouses is carried out by specialists geneticists. If the analysis of DNA of the husband and wife reveals partial genetic incompatibility, it is not necessary to be upset. The modern medicine has a number of the methods allowing to become pregnant and take out a fruit even under such circumstances.


1. At the heart of genetic compatibility of men's and female organisms special squirrels who are called HLA antigens lie. The abbreviation of HLA means ""human leucocyte antigens"" - human leykotsitarny antigens. HLA represent the special proteins of blood cells designed to protect a human body from alien bacteria and viruses.

2. An own set of antigens is characteristic of each person. Ideally the male body has to have the set of HLA antigens, and women's - the. They should not coincide strongly. Then the child will receive a part of antigens from the father, and a part - from mother. In this case the maternal organism will be able to start immunological reaction to pregnancy preservation.

3. If antigens of parents coincide, the maternal organism will begin to perceive a fruit as own cages and will not start immunological reaction. Because of it the child will not be protected from the maternal immune system that can lead to abortions and problems with incubation of a fruit. The genetic incompatibility can be the cause of impossibility to become pregnant.

4. For check of genetic compatibility there is a procedure of HLA typing. It will be seen off by specialists geneticists. During this procedure, blood from a vein of both spouses undertakes. From tests of blood by means of special reagents emit DNA and carry out its gene analysis. Usually the procedure of HLA typing takes no more than two weeks. If when comparing DNA of spouses their similarity on two and more leykotsitarny antigens comes to light, speak about partial genetic incompatibility which can lead to an abortion or a nevynashivayemost of pregnancy.

5. The full genetic incompatibility meets quite seldom. As a rule, married couples can face partial incompatibility. Such diagnosis - not a sentence. There are various methods allowing to regulate it by means of special procedures and drugs. The medicine allowed to bear successfully a fruit at incomplete genetic incompatibility more than decades ago. Took a piece of skin from the father and implanted it to the pregnant wife. As a result the maternal immune system attacked this piece of skin, but not an organism of the child. Besides, there are medicines capable to suppress maternal immunity and to weaken action of antibodies on the developing fruit. The modern medicine also developed the medicines helping a female body to distinguish fatherly chromosomes and not to tear away them.

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