How to decide to give birth to the child of one

How to decide to give birth to the child of one

To give birth to the child of one - rather serious step of which it is capable far on each woman. The reasons and motives can be different, however at the same time it is necessary to realize all responsibility and prospects of a similar situation. An objective view on a thing and psychological readiness will help to make the correct decision.

Motives and desires

Analyze the reasons for which you decided to bring the child of one. Reject all stereotypes influencing your decision. Perhaps, the opinion of people around which believe that to certain age any woman has to have children acts on you. Or on you the parents demanding grandsons press. Or it seems to you that if you do not give rise now, then then will already be late. Remember that your aspiration to give birth to the child should not depend on opinions of other people. It will be much easier for you to raise the happy kid if your desire - sparking if you just want to have the loved one and to give it a lot of things, without conventions and stamps.

Objective conditions

If you look at current situation objectively, then do not create illusions, but also do not exaggerate. Certainly, the child brings many quite reasonable changes in your life, however does not break it and does not force you to remake habitual way completely. You will not have the help from the loving father and the careful husband therefore you should make a start from this state of affairs initially. You have to provide everything in advance: as you will earn a living after the birth of the baby with whom to leave it in emergency situations what to do in case of contingencies. It is the best of all to postpone beforehand the sufficient sum not to be in financial difficulties at least at first. Not superfluous will and get support of relatives. For example, can only seem to you that your mother will sit with the child, and actually it will become clear that it is a burden on future grandmother. Try to clear the similar moments as soon as possible. Forget about silly sayings in the spirit of "god gave the child, will give also on the child". Remember that by itself nothing will appear, and without any help with the kid on hands you risk to appear in a difficult situation.

Do not forget to think over also the most important point: how there will be a conception. If you have a man from whom you plan to become pregnant and to further give birth to the child of one, try to make sure how the potential candidate will treat it. If you have trusting relationship, but the partner has no desire to get posterity and he does not want to undertake any responsibility, in advance clear all these moments, or even issue them documentary.

Psychological readiness

The main step to the decision to give birth to the child of one - to cease to consider itself the victim with an offensive label "single mother". At the correct spirit you will be able to give to the baby even more, than some parents in full families. You do not blame yourself in the circumstances, and especially do not look for guilty among others. Remember that to you and your future child nobody has to nothing: neither state, nor parents, nor men. Think only of that how many happiness the kid the one presence row will present to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team