How to divorce the married lover

How to divorce the married lover

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Girls sometimes get the relations with married men. They do not want to build with them the serious relations, and just look for temporary entertainment. However it is not so simple to divorce the married lover.


1. To stop the "sick" relations with the married man, try to do everything gradually. Reconcile with I think that this person will never desert the family for the sake of you, and, so sooner or later you all the same should leave him. Prepare that you should change further the life in which to your lover there will be no place any more. Begin more rare to see it, do not show an initiative, do not offer meetings and you do not call just to talk to it and to hear its voice. Gradually move away from the person who was so close to you. Over time, you wean from the fact that he always was near you and he will understand that you do not want to have with it any relations any more. The slow gap is capable to hurt you less, than sharp.

2. After parting be not obsessed that quite recently lost the love. Borrow with self-improvement, find more time for the work and household chores. You do not stay at home in proud loneliness, try to surround yourself with people who will care for you. Prepare that in the future you will meet the person who will belong only to you. You will start with him a full-fledged family and will be not in the second place any more, and in the first.

3. To avoid meetings with this person, stop to visit those places in which you once were together. You do not go for a walk to those areas where he lives or works. Any accidental collision is capable to inflict on you anguish and suffering.

4. If your lover does not want to release you from the life, you have to tell him that you do not want to be just a mistress, an outlet which helps it to distract. Explain that you are ready to the real family life, and you want to get the husband, children and own housing too. If the person does not consider you as the future official soulmate, most likely, he will understand you and will release.

5. Some men begin to pursue the mistresses, do not allow them to live quietly. In this case you can threaten the married lover with the fact that you will tell about all to his legal wife if he does not leave you alone. He will hardly want to spoil the relations with the wife as if still did not leave her, means has to her sincere feelings. After the similar statement of you he will precisely cease to prevent your search of the true mutual love therefore will stop any attempts to return you.

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