How to draw attention of the guy who is pleasant to you?

How to draw attention of the guy who is pleasant to you?

To draw attention of the guy, despite obvious simplicity, actually not so simply. Besides appearance, the girl has to consider psychological nuances of an opposite sex, a communication manner, interests (in a broad sense).

This article will reflect highlights which should be considered at acquaintance to young people.

For what purpose girls try to draw attention of guys

To draw attention of the guy, despite the seeming simplicity — not such simple task. Happens insufficiently fashionable dress and a bright make-up that the young man wanted to communicate. It is necessary to understand accurately what aim you pursue at acquaintance.

It can be fleeting flirtation, coquetry which will allow to spend evening to the companies of the guy, and there can be also a search of the person which will divide your hobbies and will allow to lay the foundation for the long serious relations.

Rules and ways to attract attention

Visual perception — the main criterion of primary choice therefore the girl interested in drawing attention of the guy to the person has to pay attention to appearance, manners, ability to support a conversation.

Whether you know? It is scientifically proved that if at the first meeting the man looks at the woman over 8.2 seconds, it was already pleasant to him.

Pleasant appearance

Certainly, the first on what the guy turns (and the girl too), is an appearance. All men focus attention to the person, a figure, hands, hair. At the same time the first impression appears the most faithful. Even if the appearance does not differ in beauty in classical understanding, the girl has to be well-groomed, with clean shiny hairs, an easy not striking make-up, accurate manicure. Clothes and footwear have to correspond to the place and time. Gait and a bearing — here what once constantly girls watch.

At lax gait and the wrong bearing the visual perception of proportions of a figure changes and it makes an impression negative externally. And, the most important, is a look, a smile, a look. Even the most ordinary appearance blossoms when eyes shine, and on a face — a soft sincere smile.

Important! You should not neglect spirits or toilet water, but the aroma has to correspond to style and an image, is deprived of sharpness and to be unostentatious.

Love for

Long ago the known fact — in order that fell in love with the person, the person has to fall in love with himself. It should not be empty narcissism, and knowing the weak places, it is necessary to try to focus attention of people around on more advantageous parties of the personality.

It is the quiet, competent speech which will involve the potential interlocutor in further communication, not sharp, smooth movements at which it is desirable to avoid excessive movements by hands and also a mimicry and laughter to the place. The clothes have to be combined with your image harmoniously. Such trifles create a womanly image which at the subconscious level is fixed by an opposite sex.


There is a stereotype that the first the guy has to show an initiative, however statistics claims that 90% of men not against if the girl shows an initiative of the first. Certainly, you should not show excessive persistence — it is possible to ask about small service (to photograph, hold a door, etc.) or to ask council (how to pass-pass). Useful will be to give an appropriate compliment. The main thing is to know when to stop.

Ability to listen

Ability to listen and hear — pledge not only the first interest, but also development of the further relations. It is worth listening attentively to the interlocutor, even in case the topic of conversation is not absolutely interesting.

It is desirable not to interrupt then appropriate to ask questions to show the interest, or to ask to introduce explanations if the topic of conversation not absolutely is clear to you. Such behavior will show to the guy that he is interesting as the personality, the interlocutor thanks to what he for certain will want to continue communication.

It will be for certain interesting to you to learn how to understand that the guy wants you.


What to do if the guy to whom you try to be pleasant does not show due interest in your person? Here the female cunning or sharpness will come to the rescue. It can be allegedly casual meeting in the unplanned place, a request for the help upon purchase of any large-size thing. If the guy handy, ask it to repair something - to collect-fasten at you in the house then offer tea with a house cake. Such cunnings will help you also to understand as far as the person is ready in the future to the long full-fledged relations.


Even if your mood or health leaves much to be desired at the time of communication with the guy, be benevolent, smile. You should not show the discontent in a sharp form.

It is better to tell quietly, without going into details, about the problems that the guy did not think that he something caused your discontent. The person by all means will estimate your participation in its problem even if insignificant.

Important! The goodwill can be regarded as unindifference to the person, and it is very much appreciated.


Communication and behavior should not be defiant, vulgar. It only at first sight seems that guys like the sharp, loudly speaking persons. You should not use in a conversation slang and furthermore the tabooed words or phrases. Communication has to be unostentatious, pleasant and interesting to both parties. If there is a game to some gate, it is necessary to let know to the person that the topic of conversation or style of behavior should be changed. It is necessary to create a mutual attraction of persons at the mental level from the very beginning of communication.

Where it is possible to draw attention of the guy

In the modern world it is possible to get acquainted with the guy not only in presentia, but also on social networks (VKontakte, Schoolmates, etc.), on correspondence on numerous dating sites. But you should not avoid internal acquaintance.

On correspondence or by phone

The Internet gave unlimited opportunities and the choice for acquaintance. The numerous websites, virtual clubs, social networks are a huge platform for acquaintances.

It will be interesting to you to esteem how to give to the guy pleasure.

But it is worth being afraid of shady characters who easily give themselves for decent guys therefore long you should not remain in virtual club of acquaintances, it is necessary to transfer communication to the real mode.

In the street

The open space, a large number of people, mass of the arising situations — all this promotes acquaintance of people. On the street it is easy to draw attention, to start the conversation appropriate in any given situation. The girl can show small coquetry, at the same time the conversation which can develop into an appointment will be started. It is not necessary to neglect fleeting acquaintance, it can develop into the serious relations.

In educational institution or at work

The relations which arise at school, educational institution or at work, very often become successful. It occurs thanks to rather close, long-term communication.

For a long time it is possible to look narrowly at the guy, to understand for itself as he will behave further in any given situation. In a word, if you are ready for the long-term relations, it is necessary to direct the attention to the colleague or the fellow student.

Whether you know? Fall in love with happy people more often, and with such people seldom break off the relations.

The fact that you try to draw attention of the guy, will be to it, undoubtedly, to flatter. But you should not show excessive persistence as male essence — the hunter. Let all look like you fell prey for him precious.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team