How to endure long separation

How to endure long separation

The first days of separation from dear person are the heaviest. It is very difficult to get used that there is no soulmate nearby. It seems as if heart just about will run around like a mad from melancholy. Over time the sharpness becomes dull a little, but pain remains. It is necessary to look at a situation on the other hand and to learn to endure separation so that to wrap up it in own favor.


1. Think of what earlier you did not have enough for time what unfinished affairs are available. Make the plan of the actions on days and start its realization. Help a brain to reconstruct quicker and do not allow negative thoughts.

2. Correctly use free time and take care of the own life. Think of how darling will be surprised with your new forms when you meet after long separation. For this purpose register in gym, visit the pool, run in the mornings. Carry out various exercises improving mood and banishing a depression.

3. Replace a hairstyle, visit beauty shop and pick up new clothes. Every day make to yourself small gifts.

4. You watch closely the food. Do not jam melancholy cakes and various sweets. Eat more fruit and vegetables, low-fat meat, fish, cereals, fermented milk products. Do not allow a stress to take control of an organism.

5. Make the schedule of the day so that you had no free minute. Get a fascinating hobby.

6. Do not forget that you had an excellent chance to communicate to old friends for whom there was not enough time earlier. Chat with them, discuss the latest news and it will become easier for you to endure separation. Surround yourself with the family who loves you.

7. You call darling more often and tell him about the thoughts and feelings, be always in touch. Be not afraid to make an excess call to hear a native voice.

8. Be accepted by evenings to viewing favourite movies and transfers, and dance under rhythms of cheerful melodies in the afternoon. Fill heart with love and beautiful creations.

9. Make to yourself a canine friend. Understanding that the house you is waited by not the empty apartment, but the living being will help to endure parting pain.

10. Remember that everything will pass, darling will return, and you will be happy. The main thing is to love, to trust and be loyal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team