How to enter into the relations

How to enter into the relations

If you were lucky and you, at last, met the person who was pleasant and attracted interest, then you want to enter into the relations with it. How to interest him and to learn closer to be convinced that it the one who is necessary to you?


1. A lot of things depend on the first impression which you make therefore always care for the appearance, the shabby and not well-groomed people the look are capable to push away from themselves any the person, potentially attractive to them.

2. Interest in yourself the elect or the darling. Agree that for anybody there is no sense in communication with the boring and uninteresting person. At the same time do not try to draw attention to the person with references to close acquaintance with the famous and authoritative people. Do not lift the actions at the expense of others, it is taken a detached view rather poorly.

3. Be sincere, do not hide the interest in continuation of the relations with this person, but be not persuasive. It is not necessary to fill up for the second day of acquaintance it with sms, to pass to diminutive-hypocoristic epithets and to surround it with the infinite attention. Let's it have a rest, understand that you are interesting to it and that he wants to continue communication with you.

4. Do not show the welfare and do not accent it in a conversation as there can be a thought that it you mask the lameness in other questions. Tell the interlocutor about yourself, the interests, about what you already managed to reach in this life that is your purposes in it, but not about that how many that costs.

5. Never tell about the shortcomings, hoping that you will begin to be disproved. Always express yourself and the environment only from a positive side. The person with whom you want to enter into the relations has to understand that you are samotsenna and are successful that you are surrounded by interesting people.

6. Honesty and reliability – those qualities which will always attract interest if you want to enter into the long relations. Do not lie, and you should not dodge and redden. Always keep these promises, be punctual.

7. Be observant and attentive to that person who is interesting to you. Remember that is pleasant to him, and do surprises taking into account his hobbies. Such attention to any will be pleasant, and it will be difficult to resist against it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team