How to find mutual understanding with parents

How to find mutual understanding with parents

Sometimes there is a situation when the loving people, children and parents, cannot find mutual understanding, offend and offend each other. To adjust communication, it is necessary to learn to understand and hear, trust and discuss problems.


1. You have to understand that it is impossible to deride outlooks on life of adults even if they are opposite to yours. Do not express discontent concerning remarks and even morals. Try to perceive criticism quietly.

2. Learn to listen, and, above all, to hear adults. For this purpose it is necessary to try to put himself on their place. It will become hardly pleasant if children whom you love, in whom so many forces are put, of attention and care, suddenly began to be insolent and try to prove to be cleverer, pragmatic, than parents.

3. Try to agree during a conflict situation: you do not hold collected in itself. You can absolutely openly, but without claims and morals to tell about what you do not agree with. Ask adults to see in you already taken place and created persons. Tell that you want to make the choice and to make mistakes though the opinion of parents is also valuable.

4. Be patient and prove not in words, and in practice independence and a maturity. Try not to make rash acts. Gradually adults will be convinced that you arrive in any situation adequately and reasonably, will not do nonsenses.

5. Do not get up in a defensive position if parents do not divide your choice. Try to convince them of correctness by means of arguments better. Improve with them partner, trusting relations.

6. Surely listen to councils, adults are wiser than you, behind their shoulders wide life experience. Besides, bad will definitely not advise, your happiness, wellbeing, success - for the sake of what they live.

7. Behave ethically, validly. You have to understand that the roughness and fieriness can offend them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team